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June // Monthly Roundup

June's monthly round up came around super fast in my opinion, who else thinks time speeds up when we hit summer? *puts up hand* This month I've not blogged as much as I would have liked for personal reasons, family reasons and reasons that are pretty frustrating. When everything hits all at once (family, health and financial stresses) I tend to clam up and freeze, my brain sort of has an automatic shut off that's really hard to switch back on unless something majorly changes. 

I've been trying to work out some changes, how I can inject some excitement and make Sweet Elyse more of a 'life' blog incorporating health, beauty, style, current trends, home and everything fun and interesting rather than focusing on one topic and one topic alone. With the summer holidays now in action *groan* I have the next few weeks to get it all sorted, write some awesome features for you guys and to spend lots of time responding to your emails and comments. If you're a Scottish mumma bear with cubs that are on holiday I am sending you lots of love! 

Enough of me gabbing, here are the ten most popular posts published in June, did you miss any? 

Favourite Bloggers // 50 Awesome Bloggers You Must Follow | This is the one post that I am glad I compiled. It makes me feel more organised having my favourite blogs all listed in the one place and I have a go-to clickable banner on the right hand side of the blog so I don't have to go searching for this post - just click, choose and read.  I do plan to do updates and to show you guys what else is out there in the big world of blogs because there are so many awesome ones that go hidden under blog lovers radars. So many that can inspire, help and push you to achieve greatness - they really are the modern day girls self-help books aren't they. 

MAC Cosmetics // Moody Blooms | Lucky Green eye shadow and Quite The Thing lippy are the stand out for me in this collection - complete opposites but both equally awesome. Due to launch in July as far as I'm aware, it's fair to say I'm pretty excited about certain products in this line. 

Home Decor Wishlist // Tea & Bohemian Inspirations | Bunny's, elephants, pandas and tea everything are what inspired this wishlist. For me decor and making a house a home have always been about the little things, the things you can look at and smile, the things that you can move about, place in a certain order and items that show any visitors who you are without saying a word (ooh getting quite poetic there). If that's your bag then this wishlist is a must read. 

YSL // Leather Fetish Collection | A collection with a naughty name is sure to be popular, I love the palette - the rest intrigues me but I'll definitely be waiting for the swatches ahead of purchasing. I'd love to know if you plan on picking up anything from this collection? 

Yankee Candle // Indian Summer Collection | A few days until this collection launches, I've been burning my votives from the pre-launch offer and I have to say, they-are-incredible. The fragrance really travels throughout our home and the scent is very true to what you'd expect. 

Latest Purchases // Weird But Cute | They're still alive guys!! 

OPI // Nordic AW14 Collection | Ooh! coming soon guys, after I wrote this post I was feeling pretty meh about this collection. As we get into summer I've been looking more and more at fall releases and I do finally see how genius this colour line up is. I'm stoked and I want in on the action although I've not decided what's the stand out shade yet. Any ideas?

Too Faced // Smitten Kitten Collection | One of my most popular posts this month but that was no surprise because the key products in this collection are outstanding. Country and Rock N Roll provide shades and formula's to suit everyone and I really cannot fault either of those products. 

ELF Cosmetics // Moisturising Lipstick | It's soft, powerful and lasts all day for a teeny-weeny price. This lipstick excels even more so than other brands and I'd put it on par with my Dior lippies in terms of application, although this lasts longer than my Dior lipsticks. 

Anna Sui // Wishlist | So... I did pick up Anna Sui Boheme and I plan to get you guys that review this week. Let's just say this wishlist is a true wishlist and I 'will' be making my way through it easily. 

I have some ideas about where I plan to take Sweet Elyse over the next six months, I hope you enjoy the changes as they come and every change I do is based on what you guys are liking, sharing, pinning and emailing. I've found my mojo so let's do this! on-wards to July!! 

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