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Latest Purchases // Weird But Cute

I go through little moments where I absolutely 'need' to have something. Typically it's home decor items or jewellery and rarely makeup but my recent urge to purchase was cacti - I owned lots of dinky cactus plants as a child but growing up but as soon as I moved into my own home I lost my green touch and could never keep any plants alive, dammit I tried really hard but nope I managed to kill even the un-killable ones. This put me off buying anymore because I didn't want to end up killing them, especially cute cacti but I couldn't shake the need to own one or two. I did lots of research and searching and found nothing affordable (for a possible plant killer like me) or nothing that was already grown (there are lots of seeds but who has time for that?) that is until I was shopping in ASDA and found these cuties! 

I couldn't believe it, three cute cactus and succulent plants in dinky coloured pots - I do plan to change the pots to geo styled ceramic ones, I just need to get my finger out and get my craft on. I'll post the tutorial for the pots once I get round to it - promise. 

The cactus collections cost only £4 and come in various styles, coloured pots, and plant shapes. These three remind me of some of the ones I had as a child so I grabbed them straight away, I want a fuzzy chubby one that grows pink dainty flowers, just need to figure out the name of them so if anyone knows that would be fantastic help? 

This little fella was a spur of the moment purchase. I'm not normally an ornament girl because I simply don't have the room in my dinky house (it's a small two bedroom, with five hoo-mans) but every so often I spot one that I have to take home, the last was my sage green Buddha from B&M's of all places - this came from eBay but it's in amazing condition as you can see. 

It's a Disney Traditions Mad Hatter ornament - I adore Alice in Wonderland and especially love the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, in particular, has a really deep meaning for me which I know sounds crazy but I do make affiliations with things that I can't shake. The affiliation with this is that you can have a touch of the crazy's, a background of mental health problems or a family history of mental health and still be awesome just like the Mad Hatter. Growing up my family did have problems and I hated the stigma attached to it, I grew up assuring myself that I would not fall prey to mental health issues but, I did. I was very aware and got help thankfully but I still felt ashamed, dirty even that I was outcast with this stigma. 

Every time I see the Mad Hatter whether it be in a book, an illustration or in the collectible form it reminds me that it's OK for me to be myself. It's OK to not have it all together all of the time. If I ever feel down and I see this little guy it pulls me right back out of my funk and I feel so lucky to have it, it really was a spur of the moment purchase while looking for a birthday present late at night on eBay - I was feeling down at the time so maybe it's karma? who knows. 

Do you have any recent purchases that are out of your normal shopping habits? I'd love to hear about them. 

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