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MAC Cosmetics // Moody Blooms Collection

Most MAC Cosmetic launches are similar, launched shades in different packaging or overly hyped (don't hate me)  but every so often they release a line that's absolutely, incredibly awesome. The MAC Moody Blooms Collection that's due to launch next month falls into that category guys and I'm very excited. 

Inspired by exotic flowers and blooms the collections aims to be sensual but feminine. Pretty but deadly, dark but also light - am I confusing you? this collection highlights both the dark and the light in the wearer depending on how it's used and I adore that they've used flora to personify this personality - it's just so darn sexual without being smutty!

Sheen Supreme Lipstick | Available in six shades including... 

Moody Bloom (bronze plum) this is a new limited edition shade. 
Phosphorescent (electric coral-pink) again new and limited edition. 
Pheromonal (dark pink with blue undertones) new and limited edition. 
Quite the Thing (deep plum with blue undertones) this is a re-promote. 
Lust Extract (electric violet) new and limited edition. 
Venomous Violet (deep berry) this is an online exclusive. 

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint | Available in five shades including...

Simply Wow (mid-toned cool mauve) limited edition & reintroduction. 
Blushing Berry ( mid-toned cool red) limited edition & reintroduction. 
Bubble Gum (soft pink, warm undertones) limited edition & reintroduction. 
Glorious Intent (warm mauve) limited edition & reintroduction. 
Gwi-yo-mi (mid-toned raspberry) limited edition & reintroduction. 

Fluidline | Available in three shades including... 

Black Ivy (black-green) new & limited edition. 
Copperthorn (glittery bronze) new & limited edition. 
Nightshade (blackened plum) new & limited edition. 

Powder Blush | Available in two shades Worldly Wealth is a frost shimmering peach-bronze and Bred for Beauty is a matte mid-toned pink with blue undertones. 

Eyeshadows | Available in six shades including...

Artistic License (veluxe pearl pink gold) limited edition & reintroduction. 
Lucky Green (veluxe pearl dark yellow-green) re-promoted. 
Green Room (satin mid toned teal) limited edition & reintroduction. 
Blooming Mad (frost mid toned ultraviolet) new & limited edition. 
Deep Fixation (veluxe pearl metallic brown) limited edition & reintroduction. 
Hidden Motive (veluxe pearl deep aubergine) new & limited edition. 

Brushes | 211 is a pointed liner brush with synthetic fibers and 239 is an eye shading brush with natural fibers. 

False Lashes Mascara | In one shade, black. This is a re-promotion. 

I adore this collection and love the curves of the packaging. This time around the False Lashes Mascara and the Fluidlines are ticking every single box - I need these products in my life pronto. How are you feeling about the Moody Blooms collection? 


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