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Manuka Doctor // Purified Bee Venom Skincare & Freebie

I've been working through old drafts, clearing oposts that aren't valid anymore (due to offers or launches, poor photos, etc) and it's taking longer than expected purely because I keep placing emphasis on new and current news - quite rightly so but do expect a few throwbacks from time to time. The first throwback is the Manuka Doctor Purified Bee Venom & Manuka Honey Skincare trial set. 

At the point of receiving this Manuka Doctor did have a freebie offer on where you could receive this kit if you paid postage. I got hooked into the freebie aspect (which I'm gullible for) but once it arrived it just sat going unused. I prefer my skincare to be vegan and Manuka honey isn't vegan so this didn't actually get trialed until March time when I was willing to try anything and everything to clear up my acne. 

The kit contained three 7ml sized tubes of product - Restoring Night Cream, Age Defying Serum and a Rejuvenating Face Mask. 

The products were really lovely and I did feel that my skin looked radiant, well as radiant as it can look with a face full of boils *ouch* It's fair to say it didn't work at clearing up any skincare issues and I didn't notice any tightening or temporary anti-aging benefits. As a cream, the night cream absorbed into the skin smells nice, feels fresh and leaves your skin feeling soft. The serum I wasn't that keep on because my skin was left feeling oilier than normal, the mask again was OK - I'm a clay-a-holic when it comes to face masks so this didn't compare to say, Glamglow. 

Overall the products were good. Not outstanding but not bad all the same. Would I pay full price for these products? (the serum is £24.99, the night cream is £24.99 and the face mask is £49.99) probably not as I've personally had better results from other brands. That's not to say I wouldn't be up for re-trying this brand when my skin improves. 

Having checked it seems the freebie kit is still on. It's £3.50 for postage and apparently the kit should cost £15.99 (crazy, I'd never pay that for 3 teeny 7ml sizes but £3.50 is worth it). It's one sample kit per person and you can find the offer HERE.


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