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Monthly Roundup // What You Missed in May

Another month comes to an end - how do you guys feel about hitting the halfway mark into the year? I feel excited, I adore mid-summer and can't wait to have some real sun that stays for more than a few days at a time - I can't wait for hubby to be off on his holidays so we can do lots of fun family things and I look forward to seeing where the next few months takes us. 

At this moment in time I feel like there's a lot of change emotionally, mentally and in all areas of our life to be honest which has spilled over to my blogging life. You may have noticed there's not been as many posts - don't worry I don't plan to leave the blogging world anytime soon but I do at times get frustrated, disenchanted at the bitchiness as well as the other bloggers, PR companies, brands and certain comments. We all go through it even outside of the blogging world and I am the type who holds it in until it suddenly gets to me, at that point I find taking a step back and reassessing where I'm going and working on reducing my stress really helps - I do plan to post more blog how to's, and behind the blogging curtain type posts because I think it's important for others to really see what the world of blogging is really like. 

Enough about the negatives, the positives are that things can only get better, right? If you missed some of my May posts now's the time to catch up, these are my top ten posts from the last few weeks...

♥ Nails Inc Ballet Sheer Collection // The prettiest polish collection for those who aren't into brights, neon's or skin tone shades. 

♥ Father's Day Gift Guide  // Don't forget your dad or father figure this year. Here are my suggestions for getting a unique but affordable gift. 

♥ Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Face Oil // Natural and vegan skincare that really works. Face oil is a must for ALL skin types. 

♥ Eclectic Eccentricity Ring O Roses Necklace // Ring around the roses, a pocket full of posies

♥ Nailberry Spring-Summer Collection // A look at the gorgeous spring-summer shades from 5-free polish brand, Nailberry. Spring shades are more muted and Summer is bright and bold, I've also included swatches of my three favourite polishes from the collection. 

♥ B&M's MiniHome Haul // Ohm, store, slurp and dry - in style. 

♥ Shade Station // Clubmaster Ray-Ban's // Sick of seeing aviator posts? check out the clubmasters! worn by everyone and possibly their dog too - I adore these shades, the shade is flattering for all face shapes and they're affordable too. 

♥ Weekend // Latest Purchases // Banana bag - that is all. 

♥ OPI Coca-Cola Collection Update // One of the most hyped collections around, this time the polish shades and descriptions are included - are you jumping on this bandwagon? 

♥ Amazonia Preciosa Face Clay  // Natural and so beneficial to the skin. Read on to see how awesome the packaging actually is. 

You'll definitely see more variety as I discuss more on home, lifestyle and 'other' beauty topics this Summer. If you have specific topics or posts you like to read on this blog or any blog do let me know as I want to make Sweet Elyse Blog a fun place to visit. 

P.S There is a blog sale page coming up, I'm seriously clearing out everything (or near enough) in order to clear the clutter and start again (not literally). 

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