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I'm not a trainer girl. I hate exercising and I do have a tendency to procrastinate... too much! I do enjoy yoga however and I'm currently in the process of doing my teacher training (it's tough, let me tell you) but that usually requires I wear my beloved toe socks and stretchy fitness wear, never trainers. 

Recently my health's been pretty bad, you may have noticed some erratic posting at times and typically that's when I'm struggling. Blogging and being sick is tough and I always without fail feel bad about being late with a post or not getting great images or updating my social network pages constantly like other bloggers and it sucks. I'm in my thirties and it feels like I've had to fight my own body for control for the past ten years - I decided that my thirties were going to be a period of change, positive change and change that would come with my own hard work and effort. 

I'm also not the type to moan about my woes. I know it's a fault to some extent, having grown up in a house with a parent who was a hypochondriac and who seemed to always seek the help and attention of others due to some illness I've grown to suck it up, get on with it and to not discuss my struggles when I am in fact struggling. I sometimes think that maybe you guys would understand me a bit better if I did explain these things rather than looking a bit flaky from time to time - it's something I'm working on I promise but please be aware that I'm always going to be here, even if my post comes later than the normal midnight posting schedule. 

My health changes have been nutritional, mental, emotional and physical. Yoga is not enough for me as my muscles seize back up on bad days (which are more frequent) I need something daily to help stretch them back out and I've found walking is the best thing for me. The school walk used to be a huge struggle but I really enjoy it and it helps so much, it's not a huge walk although it feels it when I've been crying my eyes out trying to get through the day when my bodies so tired I trip and stumble time and time again or even when each step sends huge waves of pain to different areas of my body. 

By the time I get back home, I feel lighter, more awake, my pain has eased somewhat (varying degrees) and I find I have more energy to get me to the end of the day. Because of this, I figured I needed trainers *gasp* 

Hubster and I hit the town centre and JD Sports seems to be the most current and relevant sports shop in my town (small and very crappy town centre), these beauties called my name straight away. Although I go for colour and design I still wanted something practical and black, in the rain seems to be a bit more savvy don't you think? These are the Nike Run 2 trainers and are actually from the juniors section costing £52. 

Popping these beauties on I did have a huge 'ahhhh' moment as they are so soft and bouncy, the insoles have foot arch supports and you can just slide these on real easy. When walking in the rain it feels like the soles sucker to the slippy pavements too. 

Long story short these are amazing and definitely help with my health kick. They also look pretty fantastic and I'd absolutely recommend them if you're ever thinking of purchasing trainers (for you or your junior). If you have wide feet, flat feet or a child or junior who tends to be quite clumsy then go for this style as they'll reduce the number of injuries, falls and trips that could happen normally. 


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