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Orly // *whispers* Sparkle Holiday Collection

Don't hate me but, Orly Sparkle Holiday 2014 Collection has to be featured cause it's so shiny and purdy. I know it's a holiday collection and I know it's still Summer but it's best to plan ahead huh. 

Due for release in September this collection consists of six gorgeous [festive] polishes that are jam-packed with shiny glitter particles in all shapes and colours. 

Bling // Dark gold 
Explosion of Fun // Shimmering electric pink and purple. 
Glitterbomb // Multi-coloured glitter. 
Mirrorball // Holographic silver. 
Steal The Spotlight // Shimmering turquoise. 
Tinsel // A festive mixture of green and red glitter pieces. 

Here's the picture of the glitter pieces, there's varied sizes so there's something to suit all tastes - personally I love Tinsel, which funnily enough reminds me of cherries too for some reason? 
While you maybe hating these right now with the sun shining and the trend for whites, neon's and pastels going on I can assure you come autumn, you're going to love these. I adore warm shades of gold, pine tree green and reds in the darker months and can absolutely imagine myself rocking these from September on wards. 

My only irk if I had to be picky would be the pink, I wish it was burgundy, wine or red - anything but pink. Don't get me wrong I adore pinks but in the autumn not so much. Once launched you'll get these from Nail Polish Direct (which are my go-to polish brand as they offer current polishes at lower prices and their customer service is fab). 

So.... do you hate me yet? 


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