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Shu Uemura | Drawing Pencil Update

I wrote about the release of this collection a while back but at the time there were no press images, as you can see things have changed and the full line up looks amazing. Here's a rundown of the shades and their descriptions guys. 

21 Light Orange // Shimmery Pearl Orange. 
81 Chestnut Brown // Warm Matte Classic Brown. 
82 Earthy Brown // Matte Shadow Maker (light/yellow skin tones). 
83 Dark Brown // Matte Shadow Maker (dark skin tones). 
84 Brick Brown // Matte Shadow Maker (rosy skin tones). 
93 Gold // Gold Glitter. 

01 Black // Matte Jet Black. 
01 Black // Pearl Gleaming Black. 
02 Green Black // Matte Jade
03 Blue Black // Matte Black with Blue Pigment. 
05 Gray // Soft Charcoal Matte Black. 
91 White // Intense Matte White 
92 Silver // Silver Glitter.

04 Purple Black // Matte Deep Purple-Jet. 
11 Red Purple // Matte Burgundy. 
12 Pink // Metallic Pink. 
51 Green // Metallic Forest Green. 
52 Light Green // Pearl Lime Shimmer. 
61 Navy // Metallic Deep Blue. 
62 Navy // Sky Blue Pearl Shimmer. 
71 Purple // Metallic Aubergine. 

So what do you think? Personally, I'm all over these, they look so smooth and you know when it comes to Shu Uemura that there's not going to be any pencil drag because their products are made so well. 


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