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Wet n Wild // Pinkberry & Think Pink Lipsticks & Conned By Swatches

I was Pinteresting a few weeks back (seriously addicted) and came across some luscious pink lipsticks, for those who know me outside of blogging will say that pink is the colour I typically wear as it's a great shade for day to evening wear, it goes with everything and never looks out of place. Anyhow I came across lots of pretty shades that made me stop and take note, one of those shades and images was this one by The Lipstick Duchess Blog wearing Wet n Wild's Think Pink Megalast lipstick. 

This screamed MAC or something equally expensive and reading that it was Wet n Wild gave that feeling of 'I need it and I need it now!' Honestly this brand isn't one I had tried before and it wasn't a brand I really wanted to try, it felt a bit too blah and cheap to me - maybe again that's the packaging snob coming out and because of my initial reactions I hadn't ever felt the need to go search swatch colours. 

That colour payoff though I had to get my pout all over it and I searched for a few days eventually finding it on Amazon and then finding another equally pretty shade on eBay. I was hooked and wanted every creamy Wet n Wild lipstick, truly believing this was going to be my next huge find. 

Here are the swatches and the lippies that I purchased...

The swatches are, Think Pink (top swatch) and Pinkberry (bottom swatch). Think Pink is pictured on the right picture at the bottom. 

Let's just say I've tried this and then tried it again. I've Googled the hell out of Think Pink swatches and honestly the original image may have just had amazing lighting or the wearer had super light lips because this is not that white! It's a natural looking rosy pink created with a creamy formula that does drag on the lips. It's tough to get a fully even, line free look although the pigmentation and lasting power is incredible especially given the price. 

Looking back at the original swatcher you can see that there are lines and maybe this has been a case of the lipstick being applied too thickly to give pigmentation I don't know but I know if I applied Think Pink at that thickness to get that intensity it's going to slide right off my face when I talk, eat or sweat. Pinkberry is the same, it's the brighter of the two and again is super pigmented but it does drag when you're applying. For the price these are both exceptional don't get me wrong - I mean look at those colour packing swatches, I just wished that the range was more readily available here rather than having to go search online for it. 

As much as I feel bummed these weren't what I expected and yup I may have had a political type rant about swatches I just want to say that I would still recommend these lippies. Absolutely, especially if you're looking for a great payoff for a little price, what I will say is take swatches with a pinch of salt - Google the hell out of something if you're not absolutely sure because chances are it's not going to be exactly as you'd dreamed off. 


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  1. Hi I don't know whether to take this post as a criticism to my hard work or as a compliment.
    Nor did I give permission to you to use my pic either. My lipstick does not slide of my face btw. This photo was taken with a flash. Flash photography will increase the brightness of a photo but I did this to show it's pretty color. I've never had problems with dragging either. WetnWild lippies are really great for the price. I'm sorry you went thru much trouble finding these as they are in large supply where I'm at. The skin on your arms is different from your lips. You must take into consideration my lip undertone, skintone and lip prep that goes with each shot I take. Hugs~The Lipstick Duchess.

    1. Hi Anna,

      Apologies if it comes across as an insult it certainly wasn't meant to be that way, I absolutely adore your lip swatches and the post should come across as a compliment, I rarely feel the need to purchase a product when reading blogs but yours looks so gorgeous I immediately felt the need to go search for it. My disappointment wasn't based on your swatches or your review etc it was because it didn't look as gorgeous on me as it did you - like you said our colouring must be very different and on you it looks so soft and creamy but on me it was quite waxy, again this may come down to our different skin types. I do find when lipsticks offer lots of colour they slide off my face (combination skin type) so please don't take that as me criticizing you, it was a criticism intended towards me. Apologies for taking your picture, I did link to your blog so everyone knew it didn't belong to me and I always include source links where required.

      The overall review was based on the lipstick product and not your images/opinions hun. Apologies if it came off differently. Hugs Elyse XX

    2. Hi Elyse,
      Thank you for your sincere apology. As for your skin type woes, perhaps you should try a liquid lipstick? They're highly pigmented but don't come off once they're on. Kat von D (can be drying on the lips so be forewarned), MakeUpForEver are really good (can be worn matte or gloss but will not come off). They are pricier though but product quality and longevity pay for itself. Best.


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