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Yankee Candle // Indian Summer Collection (AW14)

I recently had an email stating that the new Yankee releases were available to purchase in votive size but the actual full sized scents from the Indian Summer collection wouldn't be available until Autumn. A first shot at sniffing these gorgeous scents especially Amber Moon and Honey Glow - I was absolutely up for that! those two scents completely sold it for me as you know I am crazy about warm and sexy scents such as amber and honey - honestly I can't get enough of the stuff and actually have a lump of amber resin that I leave out to scent my home (oh goodness it's such a damn sexy scent). 

The full sized (and everything in between) will be released on July 1st but you can still get your hands on the votive collection. My candles arrived on Saturday and I-am-over-the-moon! anyone who loves Yankee will say they love the brand because of the strong fragrance they release however I've found it's only some scents that throw all over the house, some barely make it out of the jar candle to be fair. All four of these scents throw extremely well. 

The scents in the collection included:

Wild Fig // A luxurious indulgence... the lusciously rich, fruity aroma of wild figs carefully picked at the peak of perfection.

Amber Moon // The enchanting allure of warm, golden amber in the evening breeze with the added intrigue of patchouli and sandalwood. 

Honey Glow // The soft captivating radiance of this sweet perfume creates an invitingly warm and peaceful mood. 

Ginger Dusk // The brisk feeling of twilight air comes to life with the energy of sharp, bracing spice and a hint of sweet citrus. 

Each votive lasts for around 15 hours and the collection consists of all four votives. These have been released in the US so you can pick them up on Ebay and Amazon but with the sheer amount of fakes around I'd recommend picking them up from Yankee directly. The Votive Happiness box cost £6.99 and is available at Yankeecandle.co.uk

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  1. This is a really lovely collection from Yankee, Honey Glow is gorgeous! x


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