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YSL // Leather Fetish Collection

First up leather seems to be the 'in' thing at the moment and there is a few launches that focus on this coming up (I'll post about them soon). So, if you like to be current and on trend I suggest you get your fetish on with the new YSL Leather Fetish Collection that's due to launch around August time. 

While nothing in this collection remotely screams 'leather' it does have a definite rock and roll theme with the darker shades, sleek black and gold packaging and sexy shimmer. Here's the line up...

YSL Leather Fetish Palette | Not sure of the exact shades but this screams autumn doesn't it. I want this so badly. 

Eyeliner Baby Doll | Shades are Gris Vinyl (17) and Blue Patine (18)
Gloss Volupte | Shades are 106 and 210. 

Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres | In one shade - Beige Bow (40).
Rouge Pur Couture | Shades Fuchsia Fetish (208) and Nude Acoustic (210). 

La Lacque Couture | Shades are Blue Galuchat (52) and Taupe Graine (53).

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