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Anna Sui | La Vie de Boheme Perfume

I posted my Anna Sui perfume wish list from Click Fragrance a while back (here).  I did mention that I wanted to work through the list as Anna Sui is one of a few brands that I plan to someday own or at least 'try' every available fragrance. Bond No. 9 and Chloe are a few others.

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme was launched in late 2013 and I think for most people it was the amazing packaging that drew them in. The bottle itself is a real work of art and the box too is so intricate that I'd absolutely be framing that if it was large enough (ponders buying a smaller frame). 

The fragrance, in my opinion, is light, feminine and whimsical; I say whimsical because it's neither aquatic, floral or fruity and seems to come across as a tad ethereal, fresh air with flowers, fruits and a touch of romance. It's so hard to describe because I've never really had or tried a scent that's quite like this but it's so lovely. In this case, being unique works for the fragrance and the brand as a whole. 

The company were inspired by the bohemian style and spirit Anna Suit was quoted saying... 

'' The La Vie de Boheme lifestyle always evolves, but the constant remains the same. And that is always a woman who is a bit defiant, a bit romantic, a bit artistic. In essence, it's truly a modern woman. Yes, the  signature look may be mixed patterns, flowing dresses, boots, floppy hats, but every generation brings its own attitude to it, a unique expression of personal style.''

For me, it hits the spiritual aspect but I don't think it's deep enough or earthy enough to really fall into the bohemian fragrance category. I also don't think the packaging is bohemian at all and this would have fallen more into a fantasy or romance type category. It's a shame really that it was miss-marketed as it could have been so much more. I'd love if they released a dark version which is where they typically add some resins and woods to give it more of a sultry, evening scent *sighs* throw some moss, rosewood and some amber in this bad boy and it would be incredible! 

Notes include Turkish rose, sparkling pear, berries and pitahaya accord. The heart notes include peony and the base is created with dry woods, sandalwood, musk and black vanilla. Initially, I only get the pear and pitahaya; this is quickly followed by the peony and the berries - for me, the dry woods, musk, vanilla and sandalwood don't make an appearance before it fades around the three-hour mark. 

The great thing, however, is that this gorgeous perfume cost less than £20! It was purchased from Click Fragrance and they do stock tons of designer fragrances and cosmetics. Next on my list is Anna Sui Live Your Dream (£17.94) and Anna Sui Forbidden Dream (£17.94). I'm ultimately hoping that one of those two is dark and mysterious with a hint of sexy? has anyone tried any of these two?  

* PR Sample - All views my own, I chose this myself * 

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