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Balance Me | Beauty Voyage

Balance me currently have a summer campaign on called Beauty Voyage which will be running until August over on their Twitter and Facebook pages. The brand is asking you to take snaps of your favourite Balance Me products in various places - if you're going abroad with your mini's for example, take a snap and then post that snap on either of their social sites tagging #BalanceMeAway. Similarly, if you're not going away you can take a snap in the garden, on a picnic or even camping or glamping but you would tag your snap with #BalanceMeHome. The brand will be choosing their favourites each week to win Balance Me prizes *hoo-rah

I've been a long time fan of Balance Me Products to them being more caring on my skin, having tried all of the mini products, rose products and a few lip products my love for the brand has never faltered,  I've always had excellent results and it's the one brand that I still purchase to this day. With so many brands in this field, it's rare that I stick with one for the long haul, there's a few that will always remain under my beauty belt those being Clinique, Salcura, Balance Me and JASON. 

I just received my new tinted lip salve, to be honest in this sweltering head I've not much time for lipsticks but still wanted some colour. I've previously owned the Rose Otto lip salve which was incredible as well as the nude tinted lip balm, this naturally lead to me going for the rose blush shade as I was hoping it would give me a 'hint' of colour that was still totally wearable throughout the day - I figured the formula would be moisturising so I wasn't too worried about that especially since it wasn't made with petroleum's which I really hate due to their ability to dry out my lips making me resemble a dried prune. 

Hubster's holidays started last weekend and we bought the boys a new paddling pool because the sun has been so gorgeous. Of course, my new lip salve has to take a little swim to cool down - I wanted to snap my product in that setting because it's all we've done since (except earlier where it was thunder and lightening) and probably will do all weekend. 

In the tube, this looks pretty average but the magic really happens when you apply it. What you can't see from the image above is it's made with fairy magic - ah, well not really but it does look like it has fairy dust in it; see what I mean...

There are particles in every shade from silver, purple, blue, lilac, gold and probably everything in between. This is a super close up which doesn't show all of the shimmery shades as they really only pop in certain lights - the great thing is this doesn't look glittery on the lips either. Each of these shimmery shades reflects in natural light giving you a pumped up look. Unlike so many other brands that may 'look' similar, this salve has a hidden secret that really sets it so far above its competitors that it blows dust in their faces; the secret weapon being it's gorgeous ingredients! 

Most ingredients are organic where possible and gluten-free (suitable for wheat allergy and coeliac) the list include sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil, shea butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, mango seed butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E (from non-gluten sources), peppermint oil, spearmint oil, mandarin oil and lanolin. No nasties or chemicals here and you can really feel and taste the difference - this salve tastes like natural juicy oranges (which must be the mandarin oil). 

You can purchase the same tinted lip balm here or visit the Balance Me website for lots of other goodness - I thoroughly recommend them 

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  1. Never tried balance me stuff but it looks so nice! I've heard great things. Lovely blog you have here! :)

    Holly xx


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