Benefit // New Products Updated - Majorette & Bathina

You know you're always going to get Benefit updates here, you just can't beat their packaging and marketing methods can you and I'm always drawn in. I know Benefit are popular with you lovelies so figured you'd want to know about the two new products that will be hitting the high street this September. 

The first is a gorgeous cream to powder blusher which aims to give the wearer the look of a natural flush, imagine a naughty 40's or 50's woman blushing after getting her bottom pinched - that's the look!! Majorette will be fragranced with a pom-pom peach and pomegranate fragrance so it may not be suitable to those with sensitive skins or those who dislike face fragrance, otherwise it looks incredible and sounds like something that's going to suit all skin tones and makeup application levels. 

Bathina is a moisturising hair and body mist that aims to hydrate gently. A few sprays and you're skin's suppose to be soft and smooth while smelling awesome - the scent was created with peach, Sicilian lemon, white blossom and a hint of velvet plum notes. 

Majorette will cost £23.50 and Bathina will cost £24.50. Both will be available at Benefit Cosmetics and Boots once launched. 


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