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Bohemian Top Picks // ASOS Sale Under £10

There's a few things I love and this post is a compilation of those things, bohemian fashion and accessories and low prices! *hoo-yay* While looking for some new accessories I noticed that ASOS had a sale on (love their sales) but where there's normally only one or two good things this time there was lots of yummy low priced products. 

You all know how I adore anything 'boho' but what does boho actually mean, I'm guessing it's definition varies from person to person but for me it's things that are lighthearted, created with natural or natural type processes or materials and is loose, light, floats and whimsical. The sort of items you could create while outside - daisy chains, bracelets, weaving, crochet, knitting or wood inspired pieces and clothing that you can slink on and run, do handstands and cartwheels and run freely without being constricted by tight waistbands and body con shapes. Colour wise anything goes, there really is no right or wrong and if you choose to partner varied patterns, textures and colours then good for you! forget the rules, do what makes you happy and try boho - you know you want to *wink* 

If you're not ready for full hippy girl living then I absolutely recommend adding a few accessories to mix up your current style and plain pieces. These sale picks go with everything and are suited to any occasion, you know the more you wear the better because these look awesome teamed up together. 

The pink maxi dress (Monki) will freak out some people especially those that rely on their curves - what I do recommend is to team it with your sexiest bra which will show on the sides, this gives it a sexier, womanly edge; team it with layers of necklaces and an arm full of bracelets (especially friendship bracelets and mixed materials) and then flats - TOMS, Vans or Converse are going to look awesome! To get some shape you could forgo the necklaces and team with a belt or two slung low on the hips or a denim waistcoat (nope they never went out of fashion guys) - the waistcoat or belts will pull in your waist giving it some shape if you feel it's needed. 

The camisole is simply divine, that feminine pink suits all skin tones and it skims in the right places. It's light, floaty and will go with everything in your wardrobe I promise. 

As for the accessories, you know you could buy them all, wearing them at the same time and you'd look awesome! The threads, the faux leather, the metals and semi-precious gems all bode well together creating lots of personality with little effort. 

The most expensive item costs £7 so you'd be forgiven if you purchased one, two or even three plus items. These will never go out of style, boho lives outside of normal fashion style so it can't ever 'go out' of fashion. Boho is more about your personality and what you bring to the table than what you're wearing. 

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