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Cath Kidston // New A/W Collection Launching on Monday!!

Cath Kidston has long been an inspirational figure in my life, she inspired me to make a career out of my passion and what I love rather than just to pay the bills, I remember watching her on a TV programme and thinking she was genius and ballsy with her colour palette choices (I'm such a weirdo huh) when she teamed pink, red, blue and green dining sets, glasses and cutlery together - I suppose it's because of her that I can't shake my love of clashing colours either. 

Ever since I've loved every range she's launched as it felt as though it was made for me. I grew up with wartime parents so the make do and mend concept was very much alive in our household, I loved spending time outdoors, making daisy chains, pressing wild flowers and crafting so the floral and crafting aspects also applied to my personality. Still to this day I feel I grow alongside this brand as it changes and adapts with the times. 

I remember thinking last summer that surely there was no way the brand could adapt any further, after all there's only so many floral prints you can release without customers growing bored - this collection poo-poo'd that concept as the comic book and clock prints are absolutely incredible!! 

The collection officially launched on Monday, some of the items have launched already but the rest will be live shortly. 

Bags include...

Stop Thief! Nappy Bag | Autumn Bloom Cross Body Bag | Large Leather Trim Tote in Clocks, Townhouse, Button Spot, Autumn Bloom and Mews Ditsy. 

The perfect additions for a cute but retro home - pictured above...

Clocks Cake Stand & Clocks Side Plates (4) | Newsprint Napkins, Clocks Cup & Saucer, Clocks Salt & Pepper (aww so sweet) Shakers and Clock Tea Cosy | Alarm Clocks in Kingswood Pink, London Rectangle, Billie Blue & London Round | Stop Thief! Lamp 

Some of my top [random] picks...

Alarm Radio Sewing Basket | Clocks Large Sewing Basket | Kingswood Rose ipad Case, Kingswood Rose iPhone 5 Case and Little Spot Earphones | Space Quilted Jacket 

I mean how cute is that watch inspired wrist pin-cushion? P.S this would make an awesome crimbo gift (don't hate me). 

Some dresses that will be available include... 

Clocks Jacquard Sleeveless Dress & Sea Green Stitch Cardigan | Stop Thief! Sleeveless Dress & Slouchy Boyfriend Cardigan | Townhouse Dress & Navy Cardigan | Big Spot Jacquard Dress 

Need it! This Stop Thief! dress is beyond words adorable in my opinion and I don't even care if my sons would get embarrassed with me wearing it, I adore it that much. 

Once launched you'll find all of these and more on the Cath Kidston website guys. What do you make of the new prints? Adorkable or what?? 


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