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China Glaze | All Aboard Collection

It's that time of year when you expect to find a ton of polish posts, this is when brands transition into autumn-winter collections and so far the up and coming fall launches look so good! Ugh, terrible image I know but it's the only decent resoluion of the full collection at this moment and I figured you would want to get a peek albeit a rubbish peek at the collection *sorry* The collection is inspired by vintage steam travel and is filled with lots of awesome colours in creme's, shimmers and glitter formulas. 

There are twelve shades in this lineup and here they are due to launch at the end of the month, here are the shades... 

Mind The Gap // Olive shimmer. 

Stop That Train // Rust red shimmer. 

Loco-Motive // Gunmetal and red glitter. 

One Track Mind // Navy blue creme. 

Well Trained // Dark turquoise creme. 

What Are You A-Freight Of // Brown creme 

Lug Your Designer Baggage // Brown creme with gold flecks. 

Conduct Yourself // Oxblood creme. 

Nice Caboose // Raspberry glitter. 

All Aboard // Purple creme.  

Choo-Choo Choose You // Purple-grey smoky shimmer. 

Don't Get Derailed // Elephant grey creme. 

There are also two collections of six polishes, the first is the Loco-Motive which seems to be the brighter of the two and the second is the All Aboard collection, which is darker and more dreamy in my opinion.  
These are retailing at £13 although my favourite polish place Nail Polish Direct has them for £3.99 on pre-order if any takes your fancy. I'm not hugely bothered by any one colour in all honesty but if I had to choose it would be Loco-Motive for sure as I can't get enough of glitter polishes. 

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