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China Glaze // The Giver Limited Edition Collection

This collection is inspired by the movie 'The Giver' which is actually a book by Lois Lowry.  The book and movie are science fiction and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a mega-hit, maybe not quite a Twilight level but you get the drift. 

If you've never heard of The Giver before it's about a boy called Jonas who's chosen to be a receiver for his community, he then receives memories from the 'giver' and learns about war, pain, sadness and some real-world truths. He then realises that the world he thought was real and more so his community - is fake. Jonas then has a difficult choice to make about his future...

Exciting huh, have you read the book? Honestly, it's far more exciting than my brief write up above and that's why I'm featuring this collection on the blog. It's due to launch at the beginning of August, chances are it will hit the UK shortly after *hopefully* although there's no UK release date for the movie *sigh* 

Here's the polish line up though guys: 

The boundary of Memory // Black with gold and amber glitter. 
Community // Brown cream. 
Five Rules // Clay cream. 
Seeing Red // Red cream. 

History of the World // Navy cream. 
Intelligence, Integrity & Courage // Gray-blue cream. 
New Birth // Baby blue cream. 
Capacity to See Beyond // Bright aqua cream. 

Givers Theme // Vivid violet cream. 
Release // Greige cream. 
Friends Forever, Right? // Baby pink cream.
The Outer Edge // White and silver glitter. 

What do you think of this collection? Honestly, it's one of my favourite for 'Fall' so far and I hope it does trickle over here asap. 


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