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Christian Louboutin // Rouge Nail Enamel Collection

Christian Louboutin are known for their iconic red soles which have been seen on the tootsies of nearly every celebrity, starlet and wannabe as well as those who have been lucky enough to save HARD for those bad boys - so many ladies would sell an arm or a leg to get their hands feet on a pair and I was in that position a while back; Louboutin for me was a brand I felt I had to own but I never have, the need to own something of theirs has since gone and I'm happy coveting from afar. Honestly some of their shoes are so damn sexy but I have been put off by the sheer amount of fakes on the market - I remember this happened with Burberry and Gucci, as soon as the market got saturated with fakes I was just put off. 

Even though there are so many fakes and other companies have tried [and failed] to copy the coloured sole, Louboutin still have that 'oooh' factor that no other brand can compete with. I think it's that ooh factor that makes this latest launch all that more exciting - this launch isn't about shoes and their red soles, it's about nail polish *hoo-ra* 

You maybe thinking it's strange that a footwear brand would be branching out to polish. Christian Louboutin (creator) back in 1992 made his shoes but felt they lacked that 'je ne sais quoi' he felt they needed a pop of colour, snatching a bottle of red nail polish from his assistant (who was none too happy) and painted the soles red - this was the birth of the 'red sole' I honestly would have felt like punching him for rudely snatching the polish, I hope the assistant received some shoes to replace that polish. 


This line consists of thirty lacquer shades and will cost a shocking $50! Let's be frank here $50 is pretty shocking yet I'm guessing they're going to be huge - people will just purchase this to say they own some 'Louboutin' 

There's been a lot of thought and consideration into this collection, Louboutin who has always been inspired by architecture wanted to transfer this passion into his polishes - the collection which will be called The Rouge Nail Enamel Collection will be marketed in windows with an imaginary town called 'Louisville' The polish bottles themselves have had an equal amount of consideration put into the design as the cap is inspired by a calligraphy pen - although I'd say it should really be akin to a stiletto heel, don't you think? 

The line will boast a Louboutin necessary care kit as well as shades in three colourways; pop, nude and noir and a special edition in red. Each sixteen sided faceted bottle has had its edges smoothed by hand and they each take twenty-two weeks to create! Louboutin said he wanted the polish to resemble colour frozen in glass and looking at the initial pictures I do think he's achieved that. 

This has initially launched at Saks in the US and it's due to launch in US stores on August the 6th and will arrive in Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and  Harrods on August 14th. Would you drop the UK equivalent of $50 on a teeny bottle of polish? 

I don't think I will anytime soon although the idea of a bottle that takes twenty-two weeks to create and lacquer that boasts of being created with the highest amounts of pigmentation certainly intrigues me. Oh there's whispers that the next line will be lipsticks *wink* 


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