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I'm not going to go on a long dwindled tale about the origins of washi tape or how it's the newest 'it' product because let's be fair, it really isn't. It's been hyped for so long that chances are you're reading this thinking 'oh gawd not another washi tape post' but..... hear me out! 

I've been down the washi tape route, I've purchased the cheap pretty tapes from Etsy and eBay and in the long run, fell out with washi tape never to speak its name again - until now. I realised that my hate for the pretty tapes was due to buying crap cheap ones that would stick for about an hour then peel right off, I being the dummy that I am would try to re-attach it only for the damn tape to fall back off. When I decided to spruce up my bookcase and to decorate my diary I splurged on some Mt washi tapes, Paperchase and the tapes from Lovely Tape, my tape habit took off because the bloomin' tape stuck and it left me with pretty items that really were upcycled for next to nothing.

Now that I'm re-doing the Silver house I really wanted to incorporate tape into the overall design of the house to give it a personalised feel rather than the run of the mill style it currently has. I came across so many awesome home projects that simply needed - tape! These were my favourites and I had to share because I know you guys will love these. 

Washi Playtime // How fun does this look and it can be created on all flooring types without any damage. With the summer holidays upon us this is a fun project for those rainy days, make it as wild or as conservative as you want - your imagination is your only limit. 

Washi Legs // I'm not suggesting you do this, especially if your sofa has teeny legs but I love the concept, if you have any legged furniture (tables or stools especially) then upgrade them with this washi tape detail! if you hate it, simply take it back off with no marks or damage. 

Washi Trinket Dish // This is so simply and you could even punch out shapes (circles), create patterns or just add lines of tape to your trinket dishes and dressing table bits and bobs. 

Washi Tacs // Ah, so cute. These really need no explanation do they? 

Washi Door Art // I LOVE this!! I am envisioning this with metallic gold and silver (or rose gold.... oooh!) tapes on our doors. (No idea of the original source, if you know it please do let me know so I can link it up). 

Washi Lighting // Ceiling lights, lamp shades or even light bases can be upgraded. I love that they've mixed up the colours with this ceiling fan/light. 

Washi Striped Walls // Created by the awesomeness that is Anne Kelle. If you plan to do this then definitely don't scrimp on the 10 for £2 tapes *laughs* re-applying them will drive you nuts. 

Washi White Goods // 'ahhhhhhhhh' (chorus choir type singing) - You know I would sell a kidney just to buy a fridge freezer with this pattern, I really would. However, let's be fair I need all of my body parts so tape will have to do - just have to get hubster under the thumb a little. 

Washi Vases // *favourite blogger alert* How About Orange has always been one of my favourite blogs and you can see why, they continually post fun projects and are a barrel of laughs. This project seems so cool and has retro appeal. 

Washi Wall Decoration // Great if you're temporary renting or aren't allowed to re-decorate or are watching your pennies, stripes or random diagonals absolutely work, especially in smaller rooms. 

What do you think guys? Have I converted you to tape-addiction yet? 


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