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Japonesque | Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo

I actually purchased this last October and found this review in my drafts, with hubster now being on holidays I'm trying to sort out some reviews for those products I've loved but just not got round to writing up - for some reason I thought I had published this so my bad guys for not because this is a wonderful eyeshadow product by Japonesque. Japonesque are a premium beauty company that makes the most beautiful packaging for their beauty products. I mean take a look at this eyeshadow compact for example; 

The Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Duo, I suppose, can be considered a standard-sized eye compact - it is around the same size as a single Rimmel eyeshadow compact to give you an idea so the packaging really stands out because let's be fair, no brand makes this much of an effort for such a small product do they? 

Each compact consists of two eyeshadows, one being a matte formula and one is a shimmer. Each shade is highly pigmented and includes a buildable layer of colour so you can choose just how dark or smoky you wish your eyes to be. Honestly, I use the matte nude f-aaa-r more than the deep blue purely because the shade is pretty hit or miss on me. I didn't actually mean to order the S5 compact purely because the blue doesn't always work well with my green eyes. 

The collection comprises of ten duo colour variations and going forward I'll definitely be opting more for the S9 shade which contains a cool-toned silver-sage and a golden shimmer brown shade - completely wearable for everyday use which is great! 

I'm kicking myself for not swatching this either, I will do so and update it on my Instagram for those that want a peek at it, I found that you get more vibrancy when you wear it wet and as a liner (the blue) is incredible along the waterline. As for lasting power, It does keep up with a hectic lifestyle, doesn't slide into your wrinkles and creases and still pops by home time, for £18 you would hope it would huh. 

I purchased this when I went on a splurging spree and £18 I was happy to test the waters although normally that price for an eyeshadow would have me running for the hills. I'd researched Japonesque for a long time and it had been sitting on the top of my wishlist, I'm glad I purchased this and not once did I have shoppers guilt over this or my other splurges because they really are incredible. 

I hate when you buy a premium or designer product only to find it works a little better than a normal high street brand. This, however, does work exceptionally well - I'm just kicking myself that it's the wrong shade for me. You can check out the shades on the John Lewis website  (which seems to be cheaper than elsewhere for this product). 


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