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Lipstick Queen // Endless Summer Collection

The Endless Summer collection was inspired by the film of the same name which features two surfers based in the sixties - I mean sixties surfers! what's not to love right? The Endless Summer collections were initially created with three shades but it lacked Poppy King's iconic red shade so Aloha was included into the mix recently. 

Summertime calls for SPF protection and a sheer wash of juicy colour - these lippies have exactly that. A smooth, non-sticky texture that glides on leaving you with an opaque pop of colour, Aloha, however, has a bit more colour than the other three and is absolutely a day to nightshade. If you're a fan of tinted lip balms in the summertime for their hydration and easy application but miss the brightness of lipstick then you're going to adore this collection. 

Pretty lipsticks aren't they. 

I adore Lipstick Queen's matte upscale packaging and really feel the inner pull to purchase all four of these. Pictured above is the initial three lipsticks that made up the collection, these shades are: 

Hang Ten // Warm sheer nude. 
Stoked // Sheer bright coral. 
Perfect Wave // Bright sheer, punchy pink. 

And the new baby is Aloha which is described as 'a bright sheer, fire red'. Here's the YT video showing these beauts in action guys... 

At the moment I can only find two online stores selling all four lipsticks in the UK - John Lewis and Space NK. I really want these because I know I would wear these for any occasion - casual, day, special occasions etc. I do have a tendency to purchase lipsticks but don't get much use out of them due to the application being too fiddly (dark shades or matte formula's), or the occasion not being right, typically at these points I do pull out my tinted balms. These shades, however, I badly want to wear - I've never really got that urge before with a collection. 

What do you make of the new addition? 



  1. these look gorgeous! such pretty shades x

    1. Hello lovely! these are so pretty, I've been trying to decide which to go for. X


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