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Lupo & Wolf // Bohemian Accessories & More

Lupo & Wolf is a new brand created in 2014 by Luca Armenia who wanted to create a brand that was both wild and dangerous (like the wolf) and gentle and elegant (like the Lupo - female wolf). Luca and his brand are also pretty awesome, not only is he an animal lover but he gives back to charity through the company by supporting 'Animal Copyright' (repaying the animals for the use of their images and names within the collections). 

I came across the brand while searching for some new accessories and did find myself clicking on through when I realised they did home parties and offered roles as consultants. I have in the past worked in these types of home-based consulting roles and I love when something new comes around - this time however Lupo & Wolf really surprised me because they offered something new and their products are spend worthy! If you're not interested in being a home based consultant or holding a party you can purchase their accessories directly from their e-shop. 

So initially I started looking around to decide what items I could purchase, I've just purchased lots of new clothing because my thyroid and inflammation issues have seen my dress size rise quite rapidly from an 8 to a 12/14! of course this meant that none of my nice new clothes had accessories that fit my new image - I wanted to veer away from the childish, cheap looking accessories to more chic and bohemian pieces, you know the type that never go out of style and can team well with anything in your wardrobe. Well I ended up with a big list (you guys know what I'm like); lists-and-I-do-not-bode- well and the end result in a wish list of ten pieces and that was me being strict... 
The thing about these pieces is that some are very detailed but not so much that you absolutely couldn't pair them with some jeans and a plain tee, although they're coloured you can still rock them with your favourite day maxi dress - even if it's patterned and they aren't so casual that yup you guessed it, team them with your evening wear. The thing about boho and more yin and yang balanced pieces (cool metals with feminine stones, darker pieces with intricate and delicate beading) is that they really live outwith the normal style rules and in my opinion that saves so much time, stress and energy when I'm getting ready each day. It also makes it harder for me to narrow down this wish list because I know each item would go incredibly well with everything I own (which seems to be a-line, looser shirt styled dresses in cotton prints, denim and lyocell). 

You can check out more info on Lupo & Wolf's products from their website (here), their home sales consulting roles (here) and how to hold your own party (here). Expect to see a follow up (or two) of my purchases as and when I narrow this shortlist down to something a tad more affordable. 

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