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Marc Jacobs Beauty // AW14 Collection

Oh my blinded eyes! the packaging for the Marc Jacobs autumn collection is so damn sexy and sleek, it's the kind of collection that I want to purchase just to keep out, I suppose to show off, maybe to Instagram or to use as room decor - either way I feel it's a must, regardless of the products shades, is anyone else feeling this way? 

Apparently it's launched in Sephora but it's also available on the Marc Jacobs Beauty website if you fancy it. It should start trickling over here over the next four weeks if you fancied holding out. Here's the product line up guys... 

Pop Lip Colour Sticks // Available in nine shades with each shade giving a burst of colour. These are suppose to have the softest gel like texture that resembles a juicy summery shade but without the messiness of a lip gloss *win-win* 

Colours are...

Crush / tangerine red
Heartbreaker / pink-coral
Headliner / berry sangria
Pop / bright berry
Pop Arazzi / electric rose 
Pop Rock / strawberry
Pow / peony-pink
Smack / deep berry
Wham / coral-rose 

Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks // Creamy eye pencils that give you a shimmering pop of colour. 

Colours are...

Au Revoir / pewter
Frannie / iridescent snow
Honey Bunny / ballet pink
Leila / rose-copper
On The Verge / iced grape 
Shoshanna / teal 
Stardust / iridescent charcoal
Three Shakes / milk-chocolate
Volver / peach-champagne

O! Mega Lash Volumising Mascara // Volumising mascara that's formulated with essential oils which give you a dramatic look with boosted volume, curl and mega volume. 

Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick // A sheer coverage stick that provides natural looking coverage. This formula also has light diffusers which create a flawless appearance as they reflect light in the right places. There's four shades, although I'm not quite sure of their names as of yet. 

And that's it guys, a small but perfectly formed collection. I even feel excited about the face stick and I never get excited about coverage products, for some reason I feel this maybe a wonder product. 


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