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Maturing Beauty // Swaps & Tips

As we age our skin changes but our habits don't tend to change with us. So many ladies stick to what they know rather than assessing their skins needs and changing along with it which results in poor cosmetics application which can, depending on what's been used dates us *gasp* rather than enhance our natural beauty. I've spoken to so many older ladies who have emailed asking for tips and tricks for makeup application on maturer skins and after finding out what products they use I'm constantly told 'Oh I've used that product forever, it's always been a really good one' or 'I can't change from what I use' or 'Really, I don't think anything other than shiny eyeshadows would work on my skin

Ladies, it's time to throw out the old you. Forget what you used in your twenties on wards and start to use what suits you now! Walking into a shop you see an absolutely awesome crop top - one you remember having when you were younger, would you buy it? Chances are you'd never wear a boob skimming crop top even though you had one similar in your youth, why? because it doesn't suit you as an woman in this day and age; the same goes for your cosmetics. Just because something looks incredibly pretty, celebrities have worn it, bloggers have worn it and it's been touted as the next best thing in the magazines does not mean it will work for you. I know my heart broke slightly when I finally accepted that concept *sobs* but I promise you that these small changes will leave you feeling positive, confidant and sexy. 

You maybe wondering why I'm writing about maturing beauty, after all I look like a little kid in my photos and you'd be right. Although I am mistaken for being really young I am in my thirties, while I'm still young I'm no teen and years upon years of medications, poor health and stress have aged my skin more quickly than say my friends. Going through the menopause also resulted in my skin and body acting as though it was on par with many fifty year old and as soon as these changes happened I started to change my routine. I really believe that these changes can apply to all ages of course they're not going to be super exciting to a young teen or young adult but they will be beneficial to keep in mind for when they're skin 

I've notes some tips and swaps that you could easily do to change up your cosmetic routine to really enhance your natural beauty. Although if you feel you can go without cosmetics, and you're comfortable doing so I say rock your naturally gorgeous, bad self. 

Swap: Face powders  // Hydrating mineral based products (BB, Foundations & Concealer)

Why: Face powders were pretty huge in the eighties and nineties heading into the noughties as they gave the appearance of a smooth, matte base with only a quick dusting. These face powders do mattifying as they absorb excess oils in the skin, when you're young and natural oils are abundant it's OK (not ideal, but OK) to use face powders - as we age our skin dries up, gets loser and wrinkles. Powder can settle in wrinkles leaving your skin looking patchy and every fine line can look deeper and worse than it actually is *eeek* The maturing skin also looses the amount of natural oils it produces and adding a drying powder is only going to dry it up even more, not sounding so great now is it? Changing to a mineral based product will give you a sheer translucent look which will brighten the skin leaving you looking illuminated, healthy and youthful. 

If you don't need full coverage but still want to cover specific areas why not consider a mineral based concealer or light BB cream (which can be used as a concealer and a full face product if anything changes). 

Suggestions:  Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream | Artdeco Mineral Fluid Foundation | Artdeco Mineral Fluid Concealer | Bare Minerals SPF15 Foundation 

Swap: No base // Start using primer. 

Why: Primers create a base by smoothing the skin and giving any applied cosmetics something to adhere to - think of it like Polyfilla for the face (not glam I know, but it makes sense). It's fantastic for mattifying without completely drying out the skin, balancing the colour tone and temporary erasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike face powders it's typically made from a silicone which still leaves your skin looking soft, dewy almost so you're never going to look aged while using this type of product. Normally I'd say forgo it if you can, especially if it's not needed as it's simply another layer but I'd absolutely recommend primer for maturing skins - if you can forgo foundation but still want a little something to enhance your skin I absolutely recommend using a base of primer as it will work wonders. 

Suggestions: Benefit POREfessional Primer | Maybelline New York Baby Skin Primer | Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer | Clinique Superprimer 

Swap: Go easy on the concealer // Change your application methods. 

Why: If you have a tendency to conceal most of the area under your eyes chances are you're highlighting your fine lines and wrinkles, or using a colour that's not correct drawing any passers by to your eye area (and those laughter lines). 

Prior to applying any concealer make sure you moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and allow that hydration to really penetrate your skin, this means apply and wait ladies. When your under eye is hydrated it enables you to apply and blend concealer easily before it settles into the lines and you actually use less product as you can work it over a larger area without it dragging. 

Another positive of changing your concealer is you can actually buy concealers that have a highlighting effect which is great to use on the inner corners of the eye, the brow bone, the sides of the nose and as you guessed, the line between your radiant skin on your cheeks and the border to your under eye that's looking a bit fatigued. When you apply dab a little onto the border and tap it gently into the skin with your finger and outwards towards your temple; don't go all the way up to the lower lash line as this will age you. 

Suggestions: YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer | Estee Lauder Double Wear BB Highlighter | Bare Minerals Well Rested Face & Brightener | Clinique Airbrush Concealer

Swap: Black eyeliner // Lighter shades such as brown eyeliner

Why: Black eyeliner can look very harsh on the skin especially as we age and everything 'softens'. As we age it becomes less about fashion and more about enhancing what our mamma's gave us and 

SuggestionsBare Minerals Round The Clock Eyeliner | Urban Decay 24/7 Glide Pencil | Artdeco High Precision Liquid Liner | Paul & Joe Liner

Swap: Over plucking & eyebrow abuse // Take care of those brows

Why: I know I keep banging on about the eyebrows being hugely important but let's face it (no pun intended) they really are so important as they frame the face and are initially one of the main focal points that everyone notices. As you age over plucking can lead to bald spots, irregular or weird shapes or thinning patches. Gently shaping and defining your eyebrows gives you a finished look while making your eyes the main focus.  

Try using a natural shade for your brow colour - it's advisable to go one or two shades lighter than your current brow shade so you don't end up looking like a HD Brow horror story. Pencils are great for darker eyebrows although I do feel felt liners look so natural and offer the wearer the opportunity to build up colour rather than a one shade suits all effect. Gels also offer a pop of colour and are perfect for all shades especially lighter brows, they help to keep your brows in place all day and enhance your natural colour, brushing your gel upwards will also give the effect of thickened eyebrows. 

If you have really thin brows and are a bit self conscious I absolutely recommend using Rapidbrow to help regrow these thinner areas and to get your natural brow shape back, it works really quickly and is so simple to use as it only requires you brush it on as you would do a mascara or eyebrow gel. Pluck away any stragglers and tidy up your shape but try to keep them as thick as they naturally are so balding and thinning areas don't worsen. 

Suggestions: Rapidbrow | Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil | Tweezerman Slant Tweezers | Benefit Gimme Brow Gel 

Swap: Metallic and overly bright eyeshadows // Skin suitable shadow formula & shades.

Why: Metallic eyeshadows, especially in cream formulations highlight every-single-line in your eyelids. There really is no hiding with an overly metallic shade, similarly anything that's too pearlescent will give the same effect. To soften and blur the look of your eyelids try using a velvet or cream to powder formula that's going to work at evening out your colour tone and brightening up your look. Soft reflective pearls and shimmers are great for using on the inner eye area or higher up the eyes but as an all over colour, try sticking to satins, mattes or formulas with a small amount of shimmer. 

Suggestions: Laura Mercier Baked Quad | Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette | Benefit Sexiest Nudes Ever | Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow

Swap: Old mascara & over coated spidery lashes // Natural mascara shades. 

Why: Black mascara gives the lashes that long enhanced look but more often than not you're left with lashes that resemble spiders legs. As we age, drawing attention upwards to the eye area is ageing, ideally you want to enhance your lashes but naturally, you want to lengthen your lashes, naturally and you want to try and stay away from the overly faux look that black brings. During the day using a mascara in browns and warm shades gives the same lengthened lash look but without it looking too harsh - keep your black for evenings and special occasions. 

Suggestions: Clinique Lash Power Mascara | Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Mascara | Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux Cils Mascara | Bobbi Brown Pretty Power Mascara

Swap: Not using cheek colour // Start using a natural toned blusher. 

WhyThat rosy pop of colour we get in our cheeks fades with age, adding that colour back synthetically will enhance your glow and radiance and yup you guessed it, give you back some of that youthfulness that most people want. Stick to neutral or natural skin shades for a sheer wash of colour that enhances but doesn't take over your overall look - ideally you want it to lift your face and not be hugely noticeable.    

SuggestionsLancome Subtil Blush | Sleek Blush by 3 Pink Lemonade | Bare Minerals Ready Blush | Rituals Magic Blush

Swap: Coloured liners // Nude and natural liners. 

Why: Let's face it, heavily pigmented liners are so nineties! That look does not look good now and honestly lip liners have come so far that you no longer need to purchase a ton of matchy matchy liners to go with your lipsticks. Heavy liners also highlight fine lines and because they tend to be darker than the lip colour it can make your lips look aged. 

There are so many nude shades and even invisible liners that work so well with mature skins, actually they work incredibly well with all skin types but are more useful in those who are a little bit older. Nothing looks worse than seeing an older lady who's worn a lipstick (tend to be a darker shade though doesn't it) and no liner, see the issue isn't with the lipstick it's with the bleeding it does into all of those fine lines and creases that seem to pop out of nowhere as we get older, highlighting the fact that they're there! Liners prevent the lip colour from bleeding out on to your face. 

Swap: No lip colour or dark lip colour // Start wearing colour. 

Why: Just like our skin, the pigmentation starts to dwindle in our lips and pale lips and pale skin can leave you looking washed out - not such a youthful look is it? If you have small lips dark colours can draw attention to your lip making yours look smaller while enhancing fine lines (especially in satin or matte formula's). Changing to a nude shade or a hint of shade will brighten up the area, choosing your formula well can also enhance a small lip and give you the impression of fullness where it maybe lacking. 

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