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NIP + FAB | Dragons Blood Collection

Rodial launched their Dragon's Blood Collection back in 2012 (I think??) with major celebrities falling hook, line and sinker in love with the range - now NIP + FAB have followed on the heels of that success. The NIP + FAB line launches in October and consists of three products that aim to plump, boost and hydrate your skin back to [temporary] perfection *yay*

So what the heck is this 'dragons blood' ingredient? If you're into new age incenses or scents (or even a bit of a perfume snob) chances are you've come across it at some point, for those who are oblivious dragons blood is a resin that comes from the .... dragon blood tree (dracaena cinnabari)!  They obtain the resin from the tree to be used in a range of products and when the tree's cut it literally looks like it's bleeding, it's so weird...

Dragons blood is used in herbalism and natural medicine a fair bit, I love creating my own scents with dragons blood and amber resins as they really smell deep and a bit sexy in a natural sort of way. The resin's especially great for skin ailments such as acne, inflammation, scarring, cuts and other injuries. It's fair to say as an ingredient in skincare it's a great natural addition and is beneficial for all ages, although this range seems to be marketed more towards ageing skin (wrinkles, loss of elastic or volume) it's really beneficial for all given its properties in reducing inflammation and scarring in acne and fantastic for men too! shaving nicks, dry skin, rough beard undergrowth (or whatever it's officially called) will all benefit from these ingredients too. 

Included in the range is... 

Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Mask (£14.95) // a hydrating gel mask that plumps up the look of wrinkles and refines the skin brightening and hydrating the complexion. 

Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads (£9.95) // Exfoliating wipes that have been enriched with salicylic and hyaluronic acids to cleanse deep into the pores. 

Dragons Blood Fix Serum (£19.95) // Protects against ageing adding volume to hollow or deflated skin while sculpting and lifting the complexion. 

Once launched you'll be able to pick this up from NIP + FAB  online store. 


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