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& Other Stories Sale | Bohemian Top Picks

I'm loving the sunshine at the moment but realise that we're inching closer and closer to autumn and you know what? it doesn't freak me out - I adore autumn but it's always sad to see summer end. This year I plan to introduce some autumnal pieces into my wardrobe early so the transition isn't so scary. 

I know I wanted some bohemian inspired pieces that were flowing. Ones that showed a little personality and could be teamed with absolutely everything and I managed to find the 'perfect' additions at & Other Stories of all places. Here are my top picks guys... 

Moon Dress // gorgeous silk printed dress with moons on it. I am seriously in love right now as I ''adore'' moons, maybe a bit weird but I can absolutely see this dress being teamed with a jacket for work, some cool accessories for the weekend, etc... I realise this may be a bit too modest for some but if you work in some leather and some heels that can't fail to make you feel sexy you're going to ooze confidence I promise. 

Brass Bracelet // Paper thin hammered brass bangles... I have never seen anything like this from any other brand and that's what interests me. I adore this although it may not look so great when it's worn? I really want to find out though. 

Sugar Crush Body Scrub // Bergamot and Jasmine scented body scrub, it's almost too dark and sexy for summer huh. I'm pretty sure this could be eked into the routine in time for autumn. 

Tassel Sandals // Simple black heels are perfect, aren't they? I went through a phase of buying the most quirky heels only to find they went with nothing I owned as the patterns/colours clashed too much. I adore these because of those little tassels, these bad boys are never going out of style and with a £44 saving I know hairy boy will be pleased. 

Mini Purse //  A little leather - yes leather - purse bag with a £32 saving. 'Nuff said really. 

Strapless Bra // £14 saving on this multi-functional soft bra. This bra will leave you with a seamless look in any top. I actually purchased this exact bra and it's so-oo-oo-oo comfortable. 

Zodiac Top // Clean lines, a base of marl grey and the most awesome zodiac inspired print. It looks so soft but chic at the same time and will double as a dressier and casual top guys. Multi-function clothing! 

Wide Leg Shorts // What a con, I thought this was a gorgeous flowing skirt initially but was pleasantly surprised to find it was shorts. Shorts that look like a skirt in the autumn - perfect combo, especially when it's windy. There's a £27 discount also and cream/beige goes with all shades, this teamed with greens, reds, golds, silver, deep pinks or yellows will look gorgeous. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses // These are a similar shape to the Ray-Ban Clubmasters but with a slight cat eye and I adore both types of frame style. These will look less harsh and poser-ish come autumn when most people are starting to put away their frames you can rock yours with style without any weird stares. 

Tarot Clutch // This clutch comes in three shades; black, red and mustard yellow. I ADORE this, it was this clutch that set off the rest of this wishlist guys and it screamed out to me - that rarely happens with clutches. There's a larger pic below... 

Asymmetric Blouse // Hear me out, the lines on this are going to suit all body shapes, it's the perfect blouse for teaming with any trousers from leggings, jeans to leather trousers - you name it! The cut is modest for sure but that deep slit gives it a bit of ooh-la-la. That colour is so autumnal, it's the perfect addition to any wardrobe, oh and there's £14 off! 

Let's just take a closer look at the Tarot clutch (which is in the sale guys). I am so in love with this as it's so quirky, it's easy to almost believe it could have been found in an old back street shop and previously belonged to a powerful witch eh. 

And a closer look at the moon print dress which has a whopping £31 discount on it at the moment *sigh* 

Everything is in the sale over on the & Stories website here but some items may sell out quite quickly. I'm just trying to work out which items I purchase next because I am so in love with the dress, clutch and both tops. Did you see anything that took your fancy? 

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