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Tea Party // Tutorials & The Ultimate Tea Party Wishlist

Do you have something that you adore? Maybe it's glittery things, maybe it's Romeo & Juliet or maybe it's the Notebook movie? Personally I adore anything with moons or moon related and also Alice in Wonderland - Seriously can't shift my passion for those two things and it's been with me since I was a little girl. Of course a passion for everything Alice means I do love tea and tea parties - I was recently trying to find some new Alice in Wonderland figures for my collection which lead to me feeling the need to hold another Alice inspired get to together with my friends. Hopefully this feature will inspire you to have an awesome catch up with your BFF's too - it may seem like a lot of work going the extra mile but I swear it's these small details that make the event memorable and show others that you really care.

My favourite, easy DIY's are...

Cute Sandwiches // OK I know it's sandwiches but these are so cute. All it takes is a cookie cutter (or steady hand) or two and your left with super adorable sandwiches, kids also love shaped ones so give this a try - why not add some veggies *wink* you never know they maybe fooled by the pretty shapes to notice what's in the middle. 

Cute Table Decoration // This is so cute, who would have thought about adding ends to your table so it's transformed into something else? A rocket or car front for a boys party, castles for a girls and bed ends for an adult Alice party.... Use old boxes too so you're not spending any money! 

DIY Sugar Cubes // This has to be the easiest DIY ever. Simply add a drop (and I mean a drop) of food colouring and mix until the colour has spread evenly among the sugar grains, then add a couple of drops of water and blend, blend, blend until it's sand-like; at this point pop your sugar into moulds (chocolate moulds, tiny cookie cutters etc) and leave to dry out on your worktops (not in the fridge). 

DIY Watercolour Napkins // I just love how she's taken a plain and somewhat boring napkin and  pepped it right up with this designer watercolour style. You could really go for any colour too. 

Teacup Candles // Decorate your table with these cute teacup candles, use any old container to be honest and you can choose your own scent too. 

Paper Blooms // Paper blooms have been really popular for a number of years because they're so multi-functional. String them up, add them to crowns for your hair, pop them on stems and add them to vases, teapots (for decoration) and alone as table decorations. 

Tea Pom Pom's // Unnecessary but cute. Pom-poms are too cute and to have it propped outside of your cup is really kooky. 

I also have a few tea inspired wishlists, one specifically for luxury tea which I won't bore you with and another with 'some' of my must-have products. I would love to pull these out for a high tea or party - the thing is it wouldn't even be to show off because I would absolutely squee if I saw these at someone else's house - it's the little things that mean so much I feel. 

Tea Party Wishlist

Caramel Hot Chocolate Stirrer | Milk Hot Chocolate Stirrer | Alice in Wonderland Rose Tea & Infuser | Sugar Swizzle Sticks | Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Mug | Wedgewood Cuckoo Creamer & Cups | Pink & White Sugar Hearts | Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Tea Selection | Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Mug With Key Handle | Tea Heart Infuser | Jasper Conrad @ Wedgewood Platinum Striped Range | Orange Pekoe Loose Tea | Chelsea Teapot With Infuser 

So one lump or two.........................? 


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  1. Cute sandwiches are the best thing about tea parties- until the cute cakes come out! x


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