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The Blogmopolitan Quiz // Getting Personal

I found this quiz over on Two Thirds Hazel's blog and a ton of other blogs that I regularly read so, I figured I'd also feature this quiz as a way of updating you on who I am, the person behind the blog sort of thing. 

Some of the questions were really hard and I struggled either narrowing down my answers or even finding one, the spaces were quite small so I figured I'd go over some of them in further details. In my 'home' life I get called mummy all of the time, even hubster calls me mummy or he calls me 'Chelle' that's because my name is Michelle Elyse - in the blogging world and to everyone else other than old school friends and family I go buy Elyse - I go by this name because I've always hated the Michelle part of my name *sorry to any Michelle's out there* 

In the car or when I'm cooking or writing I listen to music, I adore music and my tastes are so random - at the moment I can't get enough of these songs: 

Weird facts wise I do have webbed toes, not hugely noticeable unless you pull them apart and I suppose they're kinda like Ashton Kutcher's but prettier *haha* I'm also germ phobic but not to the extent where I wash my hands all the time, granted I do antibac' the house if my neighbours throw up (I can hear them) and I don't let people visit if they've been ill and as soon as someone maybe ill I have to find out if it's just from their own un-doing (bad foods or alcohol etc) or if it's a bug - I'm working on my issues though because I'm very aware they're cray-cray. 

As for the things you'll never see me doing question I popped down 'showing my stomach' because you'll never see me showing my stomach or too much of my body to be honest - my body was really affected by pregnancy, because I was so petite prior to falling pregnant and then suffered from gestational diabetes (huge uncontrollable weight gain) and then pre-eclampsia (huge weight gain due to severe swelling) which was bordering eclampsia, overall my body grew a total of 7.5 stone!!  my skin stretched so far it went completely numb from the belly button down, this never snapped back and I just couldn't show it right now. I was offered a tummy tuck but rejected it because I didn't want to risk my life for a cosmetic procedure when I had to be alive for my kids (tachycardic during every operation and a titanium allergy doesn't bode well, anything cosmetic is not worth the risk). To be honest even before my pregnancies I just never felt comfortable showing too much skin purely because I hated the attention it would draw - I much preferred hiding in the shadows and me doing the chasing (prior to getting married of course). 

When I have no meetings, school runs or outside appointments I'm usually found in loungewear or PJ's - I'm definitely a bra off and I'm in for the night type of woman. The alcohol thing is purely because I'm a good girl *winks* nah, it's due to medications and I'm really strict with my health so I don't drink, smoke or do any illegal drugs. I don't miss it though because I still have my 'treats' which tend to be a yummy cuppa or some fancy cake or some premium food or drink (normally ordered online - I'll need to do a post on those). 

Let's discuss the tips my mum gave me, there were a few she gave me growing up ironically all around the same time that left me red faced. My mum was a no-holds barred type of mum who would go full steam into an argument if someone disrespected her - she believed in fitted clothing, working as a secretary and that boys were b-aaa-d news! Her tips were ' don't shave off your butt hairs, because you'll get itchy' ' don't tweeze above your eyebrows - tweeze from the bottom,' and finally 'don't mess around with boys' - You know I secretly think my mum was a genius! 

As if that wasn't enough there's a part two to this quiz, here's my responses...

This was my favourite quiz so far, it felt easy to fill in and was more fun that the others. The name thing is something I feel strongly about, I've long thought about legally dropping the Michelle and just going by Elyse but adding Kelly - I wanted to add that in because it was my surname before I got married and by adding it as a middle name I'll be carrying on that part of my family. My youngest son has my dad's mum's 'nee' surname which was Kane as his middle name and of course if he was a girl it would have been Kelly. What do you think? have you legally changed your name? 

And then there's also a part three! wow let's be BFF's!! who's getting in the chocolate??? 

As it gets closer to autumn and more especially Halloween you'll quickly realise it's my all-time-favourite-holiday! I adore it. The darker nights, the mystery and I suppose the romantic qualities of that season, it's still warm enough to be able to wear pretty clothing too. Expect lots of spooky tutorials, party tips and tricks and product reviews. 

I know I've been super cheesy with some of my responses but my life revolves around my three little buddies - Cole, Cooper and Rome. My sons really are my everything even when they drive me up the wall, after all it's just karma doing it's work for the nonsense I pulled as a child with my mum and dad *sigh*.  If you want to take part you can download the Blogmopolitan Quiz directly from www.twothirdshazel.com blog. Link up in the comments if you publish yours. 


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