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Tutorial // Framed Fishtail Loom Bands (Pic Heavy)

Another week another DIY guy. Have you fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the loom band craze yet? I'd like to think that my tutorials are quite easy to follow so please let me know if you feel I should be simplifying them further. 

Last time I published the tutorial for the 'no loom fishtail' (here) this time it's going one step further and we're making a framed fishtail - honestly I prefer this to the original styles because it's that bit more chunky and adult suitable (hee-hee). Gather your crafty bits and bobs and let's get looming... 

You will need
  • Loom || A small loom (Monster Tail) or a small amount of wood with some hammered nails in it (as a DIY loom). 
  • Closures || one closure clip (C or S is suitable)
  • Tool || A crochet or loom hook ( as shown above in yellow)
  • Bands || A selection of loom bands

1. To start with you have a short end (shown vertically) and a long end (horizontally). Pop on your first band in a figure of 8 twist as shown above on the two shorter ends. 

2. Now you want to add your second band (blue) popping it onto the longest pegs with no twist. There will be no more twists from here on out. 

3. Now you add another band (pink) once again onto the two shorter ends, it will sit above your initial beginner orange twist band. 

4. Repeat step 2. Add another band onto the two longest pegs. 

5. Repeat step 3. Adding another band on to the shortest pegs. Now you should have 3 bands placed on the shortest pegs (up and down) and 2 bands on the longest pegs (left and right). 

6. Let's get looming. Starting with your shortest pegs (up and down), take your crochet hook and hook the bottom band over the two above. Once you've flipped over the two bottom bands it will resemble the image on the right. 

7. You're going to repeat step 6 but for the longer sides, this time however you will end up with an end that looks larger (as shown on the above right hand side image) and a really tight end. 

8. To fix the irregularities from step 7 (and everytime you do this step from here on out) you want to take your hook, catch the shorter end and gently pull it so it's even with the other side. Now push your bands down to tighten up your design. 

9. Now add another band to the long pegs (show in clear glitter above) and add another band on to the two shorter pegs. Once again you will have 3 bands on your short ends and 2 on each long end. 

10. Now repeat steps 6 to 9 until you get your desired length. Remember to even up those long ends and push down your design before re-adding your bands. 

11. When you reach your desired length you want to stop adding new bands to each length. To finish your design you want to flip your bottom bands so your left with 1 band on each peg (long and short pegs). 

12. Unhook one short end and pop it over to the other short end, unhook one long end and hook it over to the other sides long end so you're bracelet looks like the image above. 

13. Flip over the bottom bands so you're now left with one band (short end) and one band (long end). Now take one of those ends, pop it on to the peg with the other end and attach a closure clip. I used a sturdy 'C' clip as this bracelet is quite chunky. 

Once the closure clip is attached you can take your bracelet off your loom and wear it. Try changing up your colours, remembering that the 'long ends' will be your framed part of the bracelet and your 'short' ends are your inner fishtail design (hence the 3 bands at all times). 


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