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Tutorial // {Royally Approved} No Loom Fishtail Bracelet

In the future kids will be taught about history, when they get to this era I'm pretty sure they'll have chapter upon chapter of 'Loom Band' info to read up on because the world has gone Loom Band Cray-Cray! Now that Kate Middleton has shown her love of the humble band there's no way the hype's ever going to die down, you can check the image of Kate with her royally approved band HERE

My sons also have gone wild for the humble dental band bracelets and as the doting mummy bear that I am I did feel it was my duty to learn how to craft these for my little dudes (plus I love crafting and bracelets are my 'thang'). A quick read up told me that these were initially invented by a doting dentist daddy who wanted to make something for his daughter so she wasn't bored, what a lucky little lady she must be especially now that daddies a multi-gazillion-billionaire eh. 

I've learnt how to do quite a few varied bands on the loom and off loom (because sometimes my dudes want to use the loom and I feel left out) but the fishtails my favourite as it's so easy to do, it doesn't curl up on itself and it doesn't snap easily, even with the cheap bands. If you're a lover of pattern the fishtail is the band for you, as you can see it really holds a good colour pattern if you stick to it (the neon band is the fishtail). So....... Here's the tutorial so you can be cool mummy or daddy too. 

You will need

You will need a selection of loom bands and a closure (either an 'S' or a 'C' closure is fine, they both do the same thing). I opt normally to use 2 official or thicker bands as my starter and end bands to give it some strength but you can use any loom suitable bands. 

You will also need 2 fingers OR a 2 prong item (folded fork, knitting needles, spool with 2 nails hammered in etc....). 

1. To start off the band simply add the band to both fingers in a figure of 8 as show above (right). 

I don't tend to use my fingers as I use my lucet - a lucet I suppose works in a similar manner to the loom band method but it's used with thread to create rope to make into bracelets, I've had it like, forever and absolutely adore it as you can put it down and come back to it if you need to go do something, you can't do that with your fingers. If you fancy getting a lucet you can do so here (it's functional even after the loom band craze ends). 

2. The figure of eight bands 'secure' the bracelets. From here on you will simply add bands, now that you have your figure of eight band you want to add 2 bands normally (no twist) as shown above with the pink bands. 

3. You're going to take the bottom band (silver) and pull it over the 2 bands above (pink) on both sides so that it sits in the middle. Now you have 2 bands on the lucet (or your fingers).  

4. The bottom band will attach to your closure. I chose the 'C' closure as I much prefer them for stability. You clip on your closure to both sides of the band (silver). 

5. 3 is the magic number with this band so now you want to add a buddy to those 2 lonely pink bands so you have 3 once again. Just like before you want to take your bottom band and flip it over on both sides as shown above, give the C clip a wee tug to tighten everything up. 

6. As before you add another band, then flip the bottom band over on both sides. Add another band and flip the bottom band over the other two on both sides. Keep doing this until you get to a length that's going to fit your wrist. 

7. When you get to your desired length you want to start finishing your bracelet. Notice I used a thicker silver band just as I did to begin with, this is my closure band. Pop on your closing band, flip over the bottom band (blue). 

Do not add another band - you will now have 2 bands only on your fingers (silver and blue). 

You want to now flip over the bottom band (blue) so you're left with only your closing band on your fingers. 

8. I tend to pull one side over to the other so your closing band is on one finger as shown on the left. Pop in another finger and stretch it so you can clip your C closure onto both of the silver closing band sides. 

Once you've secure the ends on the C clip you're good to go, take off your bracelet and voila..... you just loomed without a loom! Why not try making bands with your favourite colours, sports colours, your child's school colours or go crazy with randomness. I used a pattern of 2 colours each for the main image with neon loom bands, this bracelet above was created with one of each shade. You could try a pattern of 3 or 6 for a more banded look. 

Show me your bracelets guys... !


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