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Weekend Haul | My Latest Goodies

We headed to the high street at the weekend for a random shopping session with the boys. We don't tend to do this a lot because it can become expensive - the young boys do not know the meaning of thrifty and the price of toys *OSHA* I, on the other hand, am more of a functional shopper, I adore little things as they tend to get used and as you guessed I did buy lots of lovely [random] products that left me with a huge grin on my face all day long. 

We hit 'Tiger' first because the hairy boy knows how much I adore that shop. We don't have one locally so I only really get to visit it when we go to Dunfermline high street. Tiger reminds me of a small Ikea but just with the little cool things - crafting items, homewares, kawaii pretty things such as rubbers, journals, hanging decor, wrap, kids retro toys etc. The prices are amazing with most things running only a few pounds and the items they sell you really can't find elsewhere. 

The second store was Primark because let's be fair, who can actually walk past a Primark when they're visiting a high street with one that's not local (we don't have a local one). The prices are definitely gone up and I find I'm super picky when purchasing before I could easily drop a hundred onwards but now I tend to buy a few things at most. I'd say the prices are on-par with George, Tesco and on occasion H&M. 

Here are some of my random purchases, expect more of these as the hairy boy off next week and we have home items (plus a home makeover) as well as gifts that are being purchased for late in the year (we won't officially name that holiday ''yet'') and the back to school shop... 

I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson // I follow Sarah's blog (here) and the I Quit Sugar blog (here) so I was always going to buy this book from ASDA's but I just kept forgetting. As someone who suffers from autoimmune conditions which include physical symptoms, I wanted to get her book because I figured it would help to have everything to hand. I never follow diet or lifestyle books to the tee as I choose to mix and match information that I've learnt and applied it to my own situation. I will be following most of this book because it's taught me so much on the processes of sugar and how the body uses it as well as includes some pretty awesome recipes. I'll keep you posted on whether I see any positive or negative changes once I officially start. 

Miniature Kilner Type Jars // These were two for £1.50 or something super low priced. They're teeny and I plan to pop in my homemade creams, sunscreens, deodorants, exfoliators etc... you get the drift. 

Heart Tea Strainer // My current strainer has gaps and it stresses me out to no end. This is as tight as can be and it's a heart shape. The best thing is it only cost £1. 

Triangle Colouring Pencils // I purchased two packs of these because I also purchased a mandala colouring book - I adore mandala's and actually find colouring really therapeutic. The second pack is for my five-year-old who's starting school next month, the triangular shape makes gripping the pencils far easier. These were also £1 each. 

Boho Bracelets // These were from Primark and cost £2 for six dinky bracelets. You know how much I adore bracelets and these were small enough to be stacked up boho style. 

Skull Rubbers // Three sons at school so three skull rubbers, it was a match made in heaven. These were £1 from Tiger. 

Beetle Decorations // You know these were totally unnecessary but look so cool. Yes it's a shame they killed innocent beetles to make this home decor item but I've managed to teach my sons so much about them which makes this a really worthwhile purchase. These cost £1 each. 

Fly Bookmarks // I hate fly's but really liked these, they make excellent bookmarks for my I Quit Sugar book and are really sturdy which was a surprise. I did think they were going to be flimsy as they only cost a pound or so. 

Arrow Magnetic Bookmarks // Another pack of bookmarks but this time coloured arrows. I These allow you to pop something in-between the front and the back (of course) but I found they were great for putting my son's pictures in between and then popping them on the fridge as they're fully magnetised. 

Superglue // Recently I've needed superglue for lots of things, in the summer holidays the boys always want to craft and make things or they break toys and we never have any glue, I picked this up so I'm armed for the future - ironically I bet nothing breaks now. 

Nail Decoration Wheels // £1 each from Primark these nail wheels actually contain the cutest, but teeniest little decorations for your nails or other crafty things. I bought a few of these for putting away for Crimbo. 

Tweety Pie T-Shirt // This was £6 from Primark and is a loose fit roll sleeve t-shirt. I sized up so it was roomy and you know what it's super comfy, I adore it. 

Marvel T-Shirt // We're huge fans of Marvel, all of us now have Marvel t-shirts. This is similar to the Tweety t-shirt but the neckline's tighter for some reason, as I was putting it on I was thinking there's no way girls with big heads are going to get it on and that's with me sizing up. This was also £6 from Primark. 

Roll of Wrap // My grandad was Hungarian and this roll of wrapping paper reminds me of the Hungarian flower patterns, I adore this style of design and had to pick up this wrap. I normally use a lot of wraps, for crafting, framing and well, wrapping. This cost £1 and there are loads of really cool designs. 

Here's the close up of the design... 

I also purchased some pink glow-in-the-dark nail polish, a ton of beads, some for the kids and some for me as well as some neon velvet ribbon that I forgot to photograph, I'll be using those in a project so you'll see them soon. They cost £1 to £1.50 for two packets which is amazing. Overall I'm really chuffed with this haul, it's so random but so very 'me'. 


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