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Zoya | Naturel Deux 2 Collection

I covered the Zoya Naturel Collection back in December 2013 (here) how time flies huh, the collection was featured because it was a created with creamy, wearable tones of yummy polish goodness. It suits everyone and even now I just can't get over how pretty it is but simplistic at the same time. I adore collections that are wearable for more than a few months at a time - Zoya has decided to tack on the Zoya Naturel Deux 2 Collection on the back of the original collection to make this great all year round as well as offering something for those days that call for a darker shade. 

The collection consists of six full coverage, cream polishes in creamy burgundies and rich brown shades. Perfectly acceptable as daytime polishes but they really come alive in the night or in the darker months by being the perfect bridge between spring and summer on to autumn winter.  

Look at that lineup, does it not make the thought that we'll be transitioning into autumn soon that little bit easier? 

The line up includes: 

Spencer // Camel cream. 
Chanelle // Toasted almond. 
Emilia // Dark chocolate. 
Marnie // Deep warm plum. 
Aubrey // Medium mauve cream. 
Madeline // Muted rose. 

Spencer and Madeline are the standouts for me. I think I naturally veer towards warm natural tones, as much as I love the darker shades as a busy mum and work-a-holic I just don't have time for the upkeep - is anyone the opposite or do you all feel the same with this? 

The collection is due to launch in the US around July 21st so keep your eyes peeled for it arriving here shortly after that, my go-to place for place is Nail polish Direct

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