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Autumn // Ten Top Polishes For AW

This year has gone in so quickly and autumn's nearly here already!

I don't know about you but I actually love autumn and it's my favourite season because it's neither too hot or too cold, it's darker at night, everything's calmer (or seems to be calmer) and there's Halloween and Fireworks night which we adore and it's also the calm before the Christmas storm. Autumn helps me gain some perspective, get organised for the on-coming crazy months ahead (I'm a bit of an organisation buff and love 'change') and really just get back on track so we can really enjoy the road into Winter to the fullest. So autumn definitely calls for a new wardrobe, new colours, warmer layers and lots of cosy textures - most people also change their cosmetics and I definitely do change the shades I use as well as the polish colours I wear. I was recently looking for the perfect shades to team with an autumn-winter wardrobe which then inspired this feature. 

 Featured is the top ten polish shades for autumn in a variety of brands that include newer collections as well as collections from a few seasons back... 

1. Essie Pretty Edgy // Green is a must in an AW collection and is the perfect shade for all seasons while teaming up so well with the warmer tones in this line up. 

2. China Glaze Jungle Run // This beautiful chocolate with purple undertones is apart of the On Safari Collection. I adore this collection but this cool brown tone is just so inviting. 

3. CND Powder My Nose // Nudes - had to have one and this cream formula nude by CND is one of my favourites. 

4. China Glaze Life is Rosy // This warm and rosy pink is from the Avant Garden Collection, it's still perky enough to give your wardrobe the fun factor but it's rosy enough to be included in an AW line up. 

5. Barry M Majesty // I blogged about the Royal collection and how I love the textures in that collection, I still haven't become bored of these textural polishes and this beautiful gold-copper tone is so festive and blingy. 

6. China Glaze Electric Beat // A cool toned blue from the Electropop Collection. I struggled to find the perfect blue because I didn't want the line up to become to predictable and a glossy navy tone would have been the predictable option wouldn't it. This blue has a vintage, classic and autumnal tone that will go with most casual wardrobes. 

7. China Glaze I'm Not Lion // Ah it's too perfect! Gold, glitz and also from the On Safari Collection it's a must guys! a must! 

8. CND Masquerade // Plum, predictable yes but incredible beautiful. 

9. OPI Chicago Champagne Toast // Warmer caramel-nude, this maybe my favourite and needs to be on my nails pronto. 

10. Morgan Taylor Totally A-Teeling // Creme teal that's so premium, I love Morgan Taylor polishes especially the non-textural polishes. 


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