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Christian Louboutin // Malangeli Shoe

Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Angelina Jolie, designing three colours of shoe called the 'Malangeli.' The Malangeli shoe marks the release of Disney's Maleficent. Angelina's known for her charity work so it should come as no surprise that profits from the sale of this shoe will be benefiting SOS Children's Villages which is one of the largest organisations that help orphaned and abandoned children. 
There will be two colour options - black patent and red patent. There are images with Angelina wearing a white pair but it seems that black and red will only be available; the White shoes were possibly created solely for Angelina. 

Here are the red ones...

The overall design is inspired by Angelina's role as Maleficent and I can definitely see the Maleficent costume design coming out in the shoe, especially her pointed neck parts on her cloak. The sides of the shoe were created with nude mesh to give the shoe the illusion of magic but the reality is this is still going to be very visible unless you have a similar skin tone to the mesh. The wedge heel is definitely the main focus of the shoe and is what sets it apart from every other wedge heel on the market, the artistic tendril is supposed to resemble smoke.

Personally, I do love the theatrics of the shoe but the reality is I'd be laughed at if I wore these out. I like them but don't love them and while they look good on Angelina, I do think they veer ever-so-slightly on the tacky border? I just can't put my finger on what it is that turns me off these - I dislike the red even more so which is strange because it's my favourite colour? How do you guys feel about these? 

If you have fallen in love you will find these in flagship boutiques from October 20th and are set to go on sale for a whopping £950 (may change). So, is it a like or loathe? 



  1. wow what amazing shoes, I love the red ones , so classy and chic.

  2. The red shoes look amazing. I bet they will come with a hefty price tag though.

    1. Nadine you're so right, £950!! I can think of so many more items I'd rather spend my money on, how about you? x


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