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I've started my Christmas shopping. So far we've got all of the adults and teenagers in the family leaving us more time to focus on my three little dudes. My eldest son was diagnosed with high functioning autism a while ago but we were aware of it from very early on, he also has Tourettes (physical and auditory but no swearing) which means he has routines that he must follow which are absolutely not a bad thing as they make him unique. One of the things that he always has to have is something soft and fluffy, we struggled to get him to take his winter hat off this summer and when it's sweltering outside he wants to wear his hoodie with the fluffy lining. 

He loves anything soft and especially soft and fluffy dog teddy's, he has his own cushions on the couch which as you guessed it is made of faux fur and he adores his fluffy slipper boots. While on Facebook I was browsing  (as you do) and came across the most beautiful fluffy creature and had to find out more. I had recently liked Ogl Doll on Facebook and found they created lots of gorgeous fluffy soft toys. I knew instinctively that I had to get one for Cole but first wanted to ask if she could make one suited to a boy. 

I emailed and got a speedy reply saying that I could indeed choose the colour, I requested for there not to be a bow and a blue faux fur - the next day I received an email asking which fabrics I preferred for the inside ears which were really surprising because I hadn't even considered that, for me, it felt like Ogl Doll really cared because she wanted to make sure the Ogl was perfect for my son. I chose a blue with a red spot which is Cole's favourite colours. 

Visiting their Etsy store I found there's so much more than just soft toys available. There's faux fur cutie-ma-Tootie coin purses (so want one myself), cute pea-in-the-pod toys, glasses cases, painting and even accessories. The branding is super cute and kawaii, you can really tell the company has a passion for creating products that will make kids (young and old) smile. 

As someone who adores sewing (but has no time to do so), I know just how much time will go into hand making each of these products but the company have kept the pricing within an affordable range. 

Cole's Ogl cost around £20 including postage which is superb especially given that it's being customised to suit him and no-one else locally will have that Ogl. Once it arrives I'll show it in action (while trying to hide it from Cole), I did show him the Facebook page and he went crazy saying 'Oh mum I want it, it's sooooo cute' when I said we can put it on his Christmas list he replied 'or just wrap it and put my name on it as a surprise gift....just saying' For anyone that knows Cole that statement will come as a surprise because he's the most understanding and patient little dude ever and would normally be happy to hear it was being put on his list - for him to ask for it as a surprise gift asap it goes to show just how much he adores these little furry cuties.  

If you know your little lovelies would like to wake up to an Ogl on Christmas morning (or before) you can head to the Ogl Doll Facebook page or Etsy store, Official website or even Tweet Emma who is the owner and creator over on her Twitter.  Share the love guys. 


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