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Dior | Trianon Wet & Dry Eyeshadow

*slaps hand* another that I really should have published earlier but it got lost in my cluttered life - see what happens when you move your room about, it definitely helps to make your life more efficient, I really recommend it. Anyhow on to the product itself because it's so fantastic. 

This is a Dior Trianon Wet & Dry Mono Eyeshadow in the limited edition shade '170 Angelique' It's apart of the Spring 2014 Trianon Collection which also featured another mono shade called Opaline which is an almond green. Because I have so many greens and shimmery shades I decided to opt for this fabulous vibrant purple shadow with the teeniest silver shimmer throughout it. 

I'm also blown away with the packaging with Dior products, this shadow comes in a gorgeous black and metallic box, opening the box you'll find this suede bag which holds the pallet. The palette echo's the brand's box packaging in gorgeous high shine black with silver detailing if you're a packaging buff you're going to adore this as it feels very high line (as it rightly should). 

So now that I've ooh'd and aaah'd over the packaging (it's just so swoonable) opening the palette you'll find the shadow, two brushes and a large mirror inserted into the lid. The brushes look pretty standard but I found them to be quite durable, I still prefer to use my Real Techniques or Eco Tools brushes though just because I know how to work with them and to get the best-blended results. 

I always find that I'm so careful applying cosmetics that have a printed design, this mono has a fontage bow design which is raised up from the shadow itself and the Dior brand name underneath, if you're a regular Dior shopper this will come as no surprise as many of the Dior shadows have this bow design. Yes, I did start using the lower half because I really didn't want to ruin the overall design of the shadow. What I did find is that even through regular use the design takes a lot to fade purely because it's so heavily pigmented you never need to use a lot of shadow. 

Take for example this quick (and light) finger swatch, it's so colourful and vibrant and the shade doesn't fade when you apply it to your lids. You can wear this wet also which gives a smoother, creamier result but in all honesty, I find the shadow to be really awesome dry. 

You'll also see the shimmer in this swatch, on the lids the shimmer gives it that extra something without making the lids look wrinkled, glittery or creased; it's as though it works behind stage shining that little vibrancy light that leaves you looking more awake and refreshed. I would rarely recommend shimmery, metallics or pearls for those who suffer from maturing lids or loose skin on their lids due to the particles normally making the eyes look older but these mono's even with their bright tones are so suited to all ages and skin types. They really do work to bring out the best in your features and I adore that, it's really what you expect when buying a premium product but so many 'luxury' and 'premium' brands do tend to fall short. 

I purchased my shadow from Feel Unique, I tend to buy a lot from there because I know I can trust that the products are genuine, the service is also second to none and their range is fantastic for product lovers like myself. This cost £24 which is a few pound more than their normal monos partly due to it being limited edition but it's so worth it. As you can imagine I have so many more Dior shadows in my wish list, I've always been a huge fan of their lippies but their eye shadows are now on my love list. 

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