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DKNY // Be Delicious City Blossom Collection

DKNY is one of those brands that you either love or hate. I've known some friends who buy every single perfume that's launched and, others who have purchased but found the scent just doesn't work on their body. DKNY launched their City Blossom Collection earlier this year and the collection comprised of these three limited edition perfumes that are the floral versions to their Be Delicious Collection. 

Here they are in all their pretty apple shaped glory... 

The collection was inspired by springtime in New York although I don't get the NY inspiration in these scents the springtime inspiration is very prominent and so beautiful. The three perfumes are Urban Violet, Rooftop Peony, and Empire Apple. 

Urban Violet // Notes include mandarin, delicious red apple blossom, berries, dewy petals, freesia, delicate violet, sandalwood, musk and orris root. The perfume is suppose to provide the wearer with a sensual experience for evening use. Personally I'm hit with the fresh freesia and hints of apple blossom, the violet comes through after thirty minutes of wear and has more of a warm, candied parma violet note which is utterly gorgeous. This doesn't have an overly evening or deep base to it so it's daytime suited in my opinion, if you're use to wearing more aquatic perfumes then yup it maybe more 'evening' due to the candied violet (which comes across as being quite grown up) and the sandalwood which although isn't hugely detectable, you can tell it's playing it's part at maturing those florals. 

Rooftop Peony // First off I adore peony flowers, I've always much preferred them to their rose counterparts but this perfume just didn't translate too well. Notes include juicy mandarin, bergamot, pink lady apple blossoms, black currant, rose absolut, peony, sweet raspberry, sensual amber, sandalwood and reseda. It's inspired by the dreamy-romantic NY rooftops. I was so excited by this because I adore raspberry, amber, black currant and sandalwood notes however they just didn't come through - I was personally hit with flowers BAM right in the face, it was hard to separate which was which and the scent was so full on and strong that when the dry down came the scent dissipated. 

Empire Apple // If you love apple scents then this is going to be the scent for you through summer and even into autumn. Notes include green apple, exotic flowers and woods. It's the simplest of the three and your hit with a mature green apple scent that has super lasting power. Unfortunately, I've never been able to handle apple scents (apple scented anything) due to it being my nausea trigger while pregnant (in each of the three pregnancies) so I had to ask my wonderful cousin to road test it. She gave it a ten out of ten and still can't get enough of this perfume. 

These each cost £36.50 for 50ml at Boots if you fancied taking a sniff, I personally adore the Urban Violet perfume as it's so complex - floral, sweet, candied, sexy and then back to powdery floral. 


Statement: PR Sample

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