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Fashion ComPassion // AW Top Picks

Fashion ComPassion is an online ethical company who work with and alongside conscious, luxury fashion brands from around the world. The difference between Fashion ComPassion and some other 'ethical' fashion brands is that the term ethical really applies. So what does ethical really mean? It can be hard to differentiate between the meaning because it's become such a hyped word but it has real meaning with Fashion ComPassion. 

Partnering // Every purchase that is made on the website feeds a schoolgirl as the company have partnered with the UN in their United Nations World Food Programme. The programme helps to feed schoolgirls so that they can continue on with their education while their family can still manage the home rationing. This programme helps to empower and protect their future and without it, well you can imagine just how bad things can get for these kids. 

Supporting // Helping entrepreneurs reach a global market so that local woman can feel empowered while earning a decent wage for their families and community. The programme also helps to support Eco-systems as everyone is able to do their bit to develop and move forward in a positive way. 

Sustainability // Fashion ComPassion support an eco-friendly supply chain through their transparent and easy to understand 'sustainability stamps'. Those stamps are as follows... 

So how does the term 'ethical' differ from Fashion ComPassion and other 'ethical' brands? Fashion ComPassion helps communities and more importantly, mothers and their children become educated, to grow, become self-sustainable, become independent and more importantly survive while offering their customers premium products. Other brands (not all but definitely a huge majority) slap on the term ethical when they may be only giving back a measly percentage, maybe buying from overseas but paying terrible prices and allowing their workers to exhaust themselves in terrible conditions.  

As you can imagine I'm completely sold with this company, I love to live a life that's positive and helpful and if I can give back via the companies I buy from then I'm in. 

These gorgeous bags were my top twelve picks for autumn-winter. I love that they still have a sense of fun but also have a bohemian edge, the materials they've been created with are premium and the detailing is superb. I really struggled to choose my favourite but it's a toss-up between the KRZE Fringed bag and the Blue Siba clutch. 

Fashion ComPassion also have a collection called 'Queen Of The World' which is made up of totes that were handmade by the Rural Women Development Association in Jordan; the collection was created to empower women around the world and each bag features a 'queen' which represents the special qualities we ladies each have in us. I will be picking one of these up so do expect a follow-up, having seen these bags over on Instagram and love the attention to detail that's put into each and every tote.  

You can check out Fashion ComPassion over on their website and you can currently get 15% off your order if you enter SUMMERSALE at checkout guys! 

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