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Friday Finds | #2

Another Friday, gosh where does time go huh? This week I've come across so many wonderful blogs, websites, products, quotes and well you get the drift. Trying to whittle this down to just 5 was tough so I sneaked another one in because I really could have had 20+ but then you're scrolling fingers would be sore. 

I suppose the last week has been all about simplicity, the school holidays are still on and we've had lots of family time which has been amazing. We're finally ready for the little dudes to go back and I think they're ready for new term too - we've stocked up on stationery, bags, shoes, and clothing and spent so much that the return to normality will be a breath of fresh air; is anyone else feeling like this? 

Here's my Friday Finds though guys, did you have any finds of your own? 

Although No One Can Go Back... // I adore this quote and fully believe that life is what you make it, I once read a quote that meant something like, every morning when you wake up it's a new beginning and a fresh start. If you have that mentality it really can come true, if your life is tough to think about how you can change it if you're on a positive life path then how can you maintain it and if you're drama in your life how can you put that aside and leave the drama behind you? Just remember that you're life is what YOU make it, don't let anything or anyone hold you back from your fresh start each day. 

Charlotte Olympia Clever Kitty Flats // Splurge I know but I adore these geeky kitty flats. I've always adored the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats and have never wanted to buy any of the fake versions because they just don't compare. Now the kitties have glasses and I am hooked! *crossed fingers in hope of a lottery win* 

Lavender Lemonade // How beautiful is this, I love that they've taken a classic recipe such as lemonade and given it a modern twist with the gorgeous lavender. Lavender typically should be used quite sparingly so you get a really beautiful, delicate flavour and you certainly shouldn't be are afraid of eating or tasting flowers because they're really beneficial to the human body. Benefits include Vitamin A (helps your skin), calcium (helps your bones) and iron (helps your blood and energy); it soothes the digestive system, helps with depression, reduces pain and can leave you feeling nice and relaxed. 

Scale Effect Pumps // Oh these are so fine! I literally just saw these bad boys on the & Other Stories webpage as I received an email saying they had a sale *hoorah* These were £125 which isn't so cheap but now they're affordable at only £38!! With the season nearing an end these would be amazing transitional booties for wearing with jeans, dresses and well, basically anything. The clean lines and the cut-outs mean these can be worn by all ages and won't be going out of fashion anytime soon. 

DIY Seed Bombs // The tutorial for this was found on Dabbles and Babbles blog which is a fantastic blog that I also found recently so I suppose this is a double find. The tutorial is easy to understand and you're basically left with the cutest seed bombs. Seed bombs are basically biodegradable shapes (balls, hearts, etc) with plant seeds embedded in the bomb so you can throw them (or plant them) the seeds will grow and the paper that makes the bomb will biodegrade. 

The Merrythought Blog // Oh how I adore this blog, I especially love this tutorial as she's taken a plain t-shirt and given it a really chic upgrade using blackberries. Blackberries are naturally staining and the ombre effect that it leaves is similar to something you'd expect to find at People Tree or Anthropologie. I've now started to research other natural dyes just so I can get my natural tie-dye on, she's really inspired me so big thanks Caitlin. 

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