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Homedics | Elle Macpherson Rotating Dry Brush

I really believe in the benefits of dry brushing - if you've never considered dry brushing here are just some of the awesome things it can do... 

Stimulate Your Lymphatic System // Lymphatic system congestion causes inflammation, illness and a build-up of toxins. Stimulating this system to remove build up is beneficial to overall health as well as the health and look of your skin (and cellulite). 

Cellulite // Ugh I hate the appearance of cellulite and it was this that initially lead me to start body brushing. Brushing helps to soften fatty deposits that sit underneath the skin which helps to reduce the bumpy orange peel effect. 

Stress // Body brushing helps to reduce stress would you believe, some people find the routine of brushing to be meditative and soothing. 

Exfoliates // Dry body brushing removes build up, unclogs pores and removes dead and dry skin. This allows your skin to breathe and to make new and healthy skin far more easily. 

Digestion // The brushing helps to reduce bloating due to the increased blood flow and the clearing of lymphatic build up. When your lymph nodes are kicked into gear your kidneys work to get rid of the excess toxins which also help to dispel built up water.  

Circulation // Improving the circulation in your body is also beneficial to overall health, after all, we need our blood to flow easily to every part, don't we. Dry brushing helps to increase circulation to your skin as well as encouraging your body to remove metabolic waste. 

Sounds too good to be true but it really does give you visible results that you just can't beat. I initially thought it wouldn't work and started with a simple dry loofah, swiftly upping my game to a natural body brush after I noticed my thighs looked tighter and smoother. 

Over time I've tried a few dry brushing products from massaging brushes, brushes with varied bristles and bristles made of varied materials, I found out that Elle Macpherson had launched a range with Homedics and because intrigued. 

Elle Macpherson seems pretty business and body savvy, after all, she is called 'The Body' and Homedics have always been a favourite (after buying the massaging chair I was hooked) so this Rotating Dry Brush surely had to be a hit. The brush costs £39.99 at Boots and comes with a cord, the motorised handle and the brush component. You simply twist on the brush part onto the handle and after a quick charge you can opt to use this cordless or you can just plug and use if you don't want to wait on charging it. 

The bristles are 100% natural to prevent skin irritation and it's selling point is that it's faster and more effective than manual brushing will be therefore you get better results, quicker. So how did it compare? 

First use I was pleased by the speed it went. Actually using the product all positives went out the window as I ended up yelling a huge 'Ouch!' so much so hubster come running upstairs to find me buff naked with a spinning brush in my hand..... errr, embarrassing much. Although the bristles are 100% natural when they're spinning ten to the dozen they feel like razors and that's using it on a tough part of the body (my butt). I tried to grin and bear it and I eventually managed on my butt, thighs and lower legs - moving to my sides, chest and arms it was simply too much and I ended up looking like I'd fought some tree branches. Imagine if your Magnitone was made with hard bristles? that's kinda what it's like *ouch* 

The bristles are very hard and I really wished it had those softer bristles like you get on a child's natural hairbrush - those would have been so soothing. Overall this kinda works if you're planning on dry brushing your bottom only if you like a full body brush I recommend sticking with a manual brush such as this long handled one from Botanics. 


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