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Illamasqua | Once Collection

Illamasqua is launching their Once collection at the end of this month, the collection has a vintage romance theme going on and it was actually inspired by old romance novels. Those novels with photos of women wearing 1800's pouffe dress teamed with rosy cheeks and soft lips. 
Illamasqua's Creative Director Alex Box has a really romantic and poetic explanation of the collection, if you have a rubbish imagination then this may sound a tad cringe-worthy but here goes... 

'Once the beauty of the burnished, eroded and erudite. A palette inspired by the gentle and exquisite point when a flower starts to fade and becomes impossibly beautiful in its complex decline... She is an incandescent moment, a poem alive and a light within a pallet of decaying decadence.' 

Chances are you read decaying and shuddered *smiles* what I will say is looking at the images of the collection it's fair to say this is going to be spectacular. Illamasqua has an excellent reputation in the makeup field and I've always found their formula, pigmentation and lasting power to be far superior to most other brands. I think personally this collections exciting me so much is because the colours are so wearable, Illamasqua are leaders in creating bright makeup but as a thirty-something I can't pull those shades off - this collection I know I could absolutely wear everything day in day out and a cost per wear calculation means this would be excellent value for money *hoorah* 

Vintage Metallix Eye Shadow (£16.50) / Long lasting, metallic cream-gel texture with smudge-resistant finish that provides an intense shimmer finish. Shades available are Courtier (deep rose), Bibelot (golden teal) and Embellish (rich cocoa). 
Sheer Lipgloss (£16.50) / Lightly pigmented lip gloss with a sheer colour finish. Shades include Exquisite (pink oyster) and Opulent (rainbow multi-tonal beige). 

Powder Blusher (£21.50) / Available in Naked Rose. This is a highly pigmented fine powder designed to brighten and enhance the skin tone. 

Nail Varnish (£14.50) / Melange is an antique teal varnish with antique gold sparkles that's long lasting and chip resistant. 

The collection launches on August 29th at Selfridges. I would love to know your thoughts on this line up? 


  1. I love the naked rose blusher. I certainly need to buy this it is so pretty.

    1. It's really pretty, good choice Mellissa X

  2. I wish I was a lover of make up but I always forget to put it on

    1. There's nothing wrong with that Michelle, I'm 100% an advocate of natural beauty. If you've got it flaunt lovely X


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