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Kiehls // Fig Leaf & Sage Aromatic Mist

I purchased this in January just after purchasing the Aveda Chakra 5 perfume that I adore. I figured that herbal and spiritual types of scents work well on my body chemistry and for that reason I wanted to add some more herbal and green types of scent into my scent wardrobe. I initially swithered between Kiehls Fig Leaf & Sage Aromatic Mist and the Kiehls Patchiouli & Fresh Rose Aromatic Mist, of course you know which was the winner out of the two. 

There's six fragrances (I believe) which originally started as four. The scent line up includes Vetiver & Black Tea, Patchiouli & Fresh Rose, Fig Leaf & Sage, Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit, Orange Flower & Lychee and Vanilla & Cedarwood. 

This perfume comes in a 30ml sized glass bottle with an average spritzer cap, the perfume itself is so complex and very hard to describe purely because it's like nothing you'll find on the high street. Firstly it's strong - very strong, so a little really goes a long way. At first spritz I was hooked, I couldn't get enough of this and be raving about the scent to all of my friends and family. 

The notes included in this are very simply fig leaf, sage, citron, bergamot and thyme. You instantly smell the sage and thyme which then converts to a sweet, green scent that then changes into a softer scent. You'd think at this point it would just get softer and more delicate but oh no it certainly doesn't. The scent actually picks right back up and the sage note overpowers everything else - it was at this point I found it to be too much. I was deflated. 

The next day I tried it again, dammit I wanted this to work on me so bad because the first hour it's incredible. Again the same thing happened and I had to go wash it off. You'd think at this point I'd give up the ghost and stop using it but oh no, I was so sure it would change, I really wanted this to work so I kinda just semi spritzed it on my wrist (I looked like an idiot trying to semi-spray it) and....... I ended up feeling nauseous. 

I'm so gutted because the scent is incredible but it just doesn't work on me. I spritzed it on hubster hoping he'd get used but every time he came in for a kiss I felt sick so I kinda banned him from using it. I now wished I'd purchased the patchouli and fresh rose scent and I really haven't been put off from purchasing another aromatic mist. 

You can pick up any of the Kiehls perfumes from John Lewis for £24.50 if you want a perfume that's affordable, premium and very true to it's notes then I really recommend this collection. Just keep in mind the notes are strong so check out the list of notes before purchasing one. 


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