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Longer Lash | Does it Deserve Hype?

I'm starting off this post with a huge *SIGH* and here's why. 

I have the stubbiest eyelashes that fall out really easily, normally when I apply mascara they aren't very visible. I received Longer Lash Growth Solution to test and was so excited because I really didn't want to have to consider eyelash extensions but, I was very close to booking an appointment. 

Basically, you apply this solution in the same way you do a liquid liner but it contains a clear solution that has no scent and doesn't hurt to brush on. You're supposed to use this for around six to eight weeks and apparently some people see results within three weeks. Firstly the three weeks didn't seem really right because the eyelash has a twenty-one day life cycle, to see results you'd basically have to have a miraculous growth within days of using it - that just didn't ring true to me somehow but I still put my all into reviewing this and applied it twice a day for the eight weeks. 

I received this product way before I used Rapidlash and Rapidbrow so my expectations were pretty non-existent at that point but even so I found the solution to be really oily and I struggled to get it to apply on to my lash line or lashes. In the tube, it looks like a gel (similar to brow gel) but it just slid off my lashes - I ended up having to wipe it on myself with my fingers just to ensure the product applied correctly. 

Over the weeks I noticed no difference in growth, strength, length or fall out. I actually disliked having to apply it each night which is a huge disappointment because who wants to apply something that leaves them feeling gross? My eyelids felt really oil-slicked and the oil didn't absorb well, it felt very thick and emollient like. Beneficially this doesn't contain parabens or fragrance and may work for some but just not me. Since reviewing this I have tried Rapidlash, Rapidbrow and Revitalash - the only growth serum I've had amazing (or any results) from was the Rapidlash, you can check out that review by clicking on the brand name. 

If you fancied giving it a try however Longer Lash costs around £45 and can be purchased from Green Esthetics

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