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MAC Cosmetics // Artificially Wild Collection

The MAC Artificially Wild Collection is a welcome change from the usual brighter pops of colour and has been created with beautiful nudes and camouflage tones inspired by the jungle. It's not bright, vibrant or in your face at all, it's not filled with burnt umbers, golds and glitters like many autumn collections have but this collection, I have to say is so very pretty. I'm absolutely taken with every single product. 

Eyeshadow // Artificial Earth (soft satin mauve-nude), Stony (soft satin concrete grey), Marsh (satin dirty olive green) and Natural Wilderness (satin mustard golden nude). 

Cream Colour Base // Au Nature (dirty mustard-olive), Breaking Ground (iridescent mauve) and Shell (soft pink beige shimmer)

Powder Blush // Pink Cult (matte mid-tone dirty neutral pink), Next to Skin (soft matte beige) and Taupe (matte taupe).

Lipglass // Explicit (golden bronze & icy silver shimmer), De-Nude (mid-tone golden beige), Obviously Bare (light cream nude-grey) and Spite (muted plum-taupe). 

Lipstick // Colours include Siss (muted golden beige satin), Shitake (deep brown glaze), Yash (deep matte neutral), Photo (satin golden brown) and Icon (neutral beige frost). 

Lip Pencil // Cork (muted golden brown), Oak (soft beige-brown) and Stone (muted grey-taupe). 

The collections due to launch in September and should be available at House of Fraser and Debenhams. What do you think of this collection, I have to say nudes normally bore people but I'm really feeling this collection - I can't fault it at all.  


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