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MAC Cosmetics // Brooke Shields Collaboration

First glance impression is that it looks classic, there's some stand out shades and some that are pretty standard looking but it's the packaging I have the strongest views on - I hate the packaging; it really feels as though it could be a MAC and Orange Mobile collaboration. That is my first impression however. Second, third and fourth (you get the drift) my view starts to change, actually taking the time to look at the colours individually while imagining the situations in which these would be worn really changed my initial perspective to more of a positive view.

Although the packaging I dislike so much. I can't shake the 'Orange Mobile' feel due to that orange square logo smack-bang in the centre. Apparently the grey and orange packaging was inspired by a recent re-design at Brooke's home. The collaboration came about when Brooke was dropping her daughters off at school, while on her way to yoga class she bumped into James Gager who's the senior vice president and creative director (karma I tell ya!) and after chatting he asked if she would consider collaborating on an Icon line. 

Brooke says: ''The minute [James] planted the seed, I went to work on my [inspiration] book. I was smearing lipsticks and making smudges of products, tearing out ideas. I brought it to the first meeting, and the surprising thing is that they cared,... They were treating me as an equal, and it encouraged me to have my vision.'' 

Hearing this little statement makes me think highly of this line, it's so common now that the big brands do all the work and the celebrities just put their name on it. Knowing that Brooke had such a large part in deciding those colours and that she was thinking as a mum pleases me - as a mum you can fall into the category of just plodding along, I remember saying after having my children ' Oh well, I can't rely on my sexy anymore' and I fully believed that. Brooke has created a line that teams the daytime wearable aspect of beauty (the motherly side) with the sexy, sultry mamma side of being a woman. The overall collection is a great transitional line that can be worn day or night, autumn or summer. 

Although I'm not a huge fan of the packaging style, I do fully appreciate the thought process and the overall colours. Take a look at the collection from this view point and it's much easier to see the beauty in each of the shades... 

Eyeshadow X 15 Palette // This is a huge palette and isn't something you ever see MAC creating so I'd absolutely recommend this if your budget can stretch this far, there's no set price but I'm 'guestimating' it may cost around £50-£60. Shades include soft golden peach, lots of gorgeous nudes and beige tones and even a fantastic charcoal black which will be called Pepper for the smoky eye fanatics. Textures are varied so you can really get the best look for each outfit and include satin, matte, veluxe pearl, shimmer and frosts. 

Veluxe Pearlfusion Palette X 2 // There's no official names yet I believe but there are two shades which are described as being silver violet  with pink & gold pearl and beige grey-charcoal and plum brown. 

Brow Set & Clear Gel // Of course there had to be brow focused products in this line up because Brooke has a fantastic pair of brows on her doesn't she. I absolutely agree with this being included because the brows frame your face, you may not be wearing any makeup but if you have your brows in order your face just seems lifted and healthy. 

Veluxe Brow Liner // Limited edition liner in a mid-toned muted grey. 

Bronzer // Another limited edition product that's a natural look staple. 

Cremeblend Blush Duo // There's one limited edition shade which comes in a coral pink and a soft rose duo. 

Lipglass // These have been created to match the lipsticks, the two shades are an orange-red gloss and a coral gloss. 

Nail Lacquer // There's two shades available both in creme finishes, no word on the names or official descriptions but it's clear to see that they're a soft shimmery pink and a warm burgundy-berry tone. 

Lipstick // Bright orange-red lipstick with a matching gloss and a burgundy lipstick, both shades are limited edition. 

Optimum Black Opulash Mascara // One shade in black of course.

The collection is set to launch in October and will be available at Debenhams. What do you think of this collaboration, are you a fan of Brooke Shields? 

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  1. Not keen on the packaging at all but the shades look so good for Autumn Winter, I might have to save some pennies for a few bits! x

    1. I know huh, the packaging looks as though it's for Orange Mobile - I'd have imagined Brooke to come out with something a bit more chic x


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