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Made.Com // Our New Red Doble Chair

I discussed earlier on this year that I'm avidly trying to get my house all unified and organised. I tend to feel so much better when everything has a place and the house is neat and tidy, I love it when you go into a home and it's not run of the mill - maybe they have a unique gallery wall, maybe it's their colour palette or the way they team ornaments or knick knacks together, regardless of what it is, it's something I've always strived for but never felt like I had accomplished. 

I'll admit that I have always had separate personalities in each room, this is something that's started to bug me over the last couple of years as I don't feel like my home flows all that well - it's this flow issue that lead me to want to change my decor and my goal is to have a home that's calming, filled with varied textures and has that unique feel I talked about earlier. So far we've stripped and neutralised the kitchen, we're just waiting to neutralise the bedroom and we finished the bathroom (well kind of). My hallway and living room were taken down a notch with more feminine wallpaper and a shabby beige rug. I still didn't feel that things were 'just so' and it's bugged me to no-end. 

Made.com got in touch and asked if I would like to review one of their pieces and of course I was in from the get-go. Pondering our decision my son and I (yup, my son helped me make this choice) eventually decided to choose the Doble Chair. 

We actually visited Ikea a few weeks back and I had been pondering purchasing an individual chairs because there's five of us in my household but we have a 3 seat and a 2 seat couch, for some reason children feel that the can't sit beside each other which means there's always one of them sitting on the fluffy rug. While at Ikea I figured a chair would enable one of them to always have a seat and the chair might just be the one piece that ties in the colour theme because we could always choose a colour - our couch is black leather so I did feel a fabric seat would give the room that bit of personality it was screaming for. The reason I did come away empty-handed was that I didn't feel the quality of the chairs warranted their price tags. 

Call it fluke or call it irony but when Made.com got in touch and agreed to send me the Doble Chair I was overjoyed as it was exactly what I had envisaged in my living room, my youngest son Rome (who normally sits on the rug) actually pointed it out without me saying a word to him and he demanded that we opt for the red version rather than the grey or pistachio versions. 

The Doble Chair was designed by John Stefananidis and is made with a heavy-duty mixed fabric seat on a solid dark wood base. It's very sturdy and I love that the legs have been designed to be off centred, because the edge is in view it really gives the chair a really modern look. 

At the moment our Cath Kidston-eque wallpaper has a light blue base with pink and red roses, we have neutral cushions and one's with a pop of colour but I really want to get some red or red and pink cushions of varied textures to bring the chair and wallpaper together. As for Rome he adores the chair and has claimed it as his chair - no-one is allowed to sit on it, he has ''his'' cushions also placed on the chair which aren't allowed to be moved - he's styled it himself and you know what, I actually really love those two cushions together. 

This is Rome ''chilling'' on his chair. He's now in Primary One and feels he's too mature to smile *sigh* You can see that the chair is actually larger than it looks in the first images and it's the perfect size for slouching and getting really comfortable without it looking really bulky in the room. 

This chair costs £169 from the Made.com website and I was so impressed with the service, super quick delivery (literally days) and the product itself that I now have a wishlist, I will be posting more on our home re-design so expect to see some of these featured - the wishlist includes...

Rochelle Dining Table // I decided in May that I had to have a circular dining table, I really feel that a circle table brings a family together and leaves a room feeling roomier. I love it when random chairs are placed around a table giving the look a bit more of a quirky personality. 

Vernay Side Board // Perfect tones to go with my Doble, at the moment we have a light wood and cream sideboard which really doesn't fit in with our warmer wood Next TV unit. I adore the design of this and the amount of storage it holds. 

Finlay Double Bed // This utterly gorgeous bed also has storage! it's just so perfect for my need to be organised and it's feminine without being too feminine if that makes sense - I need this so badly in my life. 

Cohen Table Lamp // The wood, the classic design and that beautiful turquoise blue - it screams buy me and you know what I really feel I will do. 

Since Bin // 50L kitchen bin, what's exciting about that? Well, this bin actually opens and closes itself when your hand comes near it. If you have OCD or any form of germaphobia then you'll totally get why I adore this concept. Plus it looks so chic for a bin anyhow. 

Dexter Cream Rug // It's cream and super fluffy, this lightens up any room and I know from experience that kids love fluffy rugs. This would be especially fab for any AW14 decor too. 

Initially, hubster freaked out about the price but once he saw the chair and sat in it he was really impressed with the quality and agrees that it looks really good in the living room, the wishlist above was also compiled with his ''wants'' he loves the table lamp and bed too. The hardest part for me is deciding which I should purchase first and which I should put on my Santa list, what do you reckon I should do? 


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  1. Made stock some really unique and individual pieces. Great chair!

    1. I'm seriously in love with so much of their products now, I feel my purse may take a battering *ahem* x

  2. I have seen the adverts for made but I have never got anything from them . Yet. I love red so the chair def rocks.

    1. Thank you Bintu, I would definitely recommend them as they were fab from order to aftercare, x

  3. I saw the made.com advert last night and thought the guys sounded nuts lol. Love the colour and looks great

  4. Ahhhh I'm so jealous, I need a new chair BAD. Well, a workspace really. Finally getting a room with a desk and chair on Monday but I think I'm going to have to source some nicer furniture, it's a bit rundown!


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