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Nars | Sheer Brights Collection

A nice simple but sweet post today because the pictures really do the talking. This is the Nars Sheer Brights Collection which consists of fifteen limited edition eyeshadows that have been split into three texture categories - metallic, shimmery and matte. There's absolutely something to suit all tastes and that's what I love about this collection. 

The shades included in the line up are...

Limited Edition Matte Eyeshadow Colours | Burnt Rose | Cornflower | Pistachio | Peach Cloud | Sunrise Pink | Sea Glass | Sweet Pink. 

Shimmer Wash Colours | Berry Sorbet | Golden Amber | French Blue | Pink Slip. 

Metallic Colours | Aegean Blue | Bubbly | Hazy Lilac | Linen. 

So it's obviously clear that these aren't as pigmented as some of the other Nars shadows, these are more suited to day looks and give the wearer more of a fresh-faced natural look although I hear the shade can be built up to give more of a pop of colour. The collection launches in September and will cost £17.50 each, you'll be able to pick up for your favourite shadows at House of Frasers

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