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Nars // Velvet Lip Liner Collection

A nice little update on the new Nars Velvet Lip Liner Collection that's due to launch in September, there's twelve shades in this collection which are joining the permanent range and as usual each pencil has been formulated with a high level of pigmentation - each pencil offers a really rich colour that fills, defines and stays put without any pesky feathering or smudging. 

The twelve shades include... 

Anse Soleil // coral pink. 
Belle Mare // sangria 
Costa Smeralda // shocking pink. 
El Agua // lavender rose. 
Karekare // bright rose. 
Lanikai // burgundy. 
Medano Beach // spiced wine. 
Mirihi Island Beach // plum rose. 
Nihiwatu // cardinal red. 
Patong // pink rose. 
Playa Dorado // vibrant orange-red. 
Waimea // nude peachy-pink. 

Typically pencils don't excite me but I do always feel that little flurry in my tummy when it comes to Nars pencils, purely because they are so silky soft and really pigmented. I've recently taken to pencils being used as lipsticks due to their ability to stay put and how vibrant you can really get the shade - I definitely have El Agua and Waimea on my wishlist. Are there any that take your fancy? 
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