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Now Seen // Keep Calm...

I previously blogged about Now Seen (review here) and how much I adored this brand! I'm not sure if you've noticed but I also love a good arm party and had to add to my party with a new bracelet. I swithered about which to go for because I love chic friendship style bracelets - you may have seen my Gina Cox Stewart bracelets, Links of London and even Duepunti bracelets that I've featured on the blog before but I also have those teamed up with gem chip bracelets and a silver Hot Diamond bracelet with the occasional loom band bracelet that my sons have lovingly made for me that day *phew* so there's always a ton on my arms - it's my addiction what can I say. 

I debated which friendship type bracelet to go for because they have twelve variations from dainty single stranded gemstone bracelets to more chunky full sized gemstones on thicker threads - the few common features are that they're created with semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, iolite, agate, tourmaline, garnet, carnelian, citrine and sodalite. 

Eventually I chose... 

The Calm bracelet which is created using moonstones. There are chunkier bracelets including the maxi moonstone version but I tend my wear my bracelets as stacking bracelets so figured this would team nicely with my others and I adore moonstone; Moonstone and labradorite are my all time favourite gemstones. The bracelet although it looks delicate it's not flimsy at all. It's created with tough silky threads and the fixtures are Sterling Silver and are staying put - I really haven't worried about this falling to pieces. 

I also quickly came to this decision due to the summer holidays, as any parent will tell you the months of June and July easily bring out stress in even the least stressful person, it was a natural decision going for the bracelet that installed ''calm'' I definitely needed some celestial help at calming my mind, body, and soul and treating myself was also a great pick me up. 

Call me crazy or call it a fluke but I definitely felt more zen-like after wearing my bracelet - I think it's partly due to the crystals and partly placebo effect. Whatever the reasons who am I to question it? 

Here's what the gemstones can do for you. 

Moonstone calms // Calm bracelet & Maxi Calm bracelet.
Emerald increases wisdom // Maxi Wisdom bracelet & Mini Wisdom bracelet.
Iolite is peaceful // Peace bracelet.
Citrine increases happiness // Maxi Happiness bracelet & Happiness bracelet.
Labradorite gives you courage // Courage bracelet
Sodalite boosts intelligence // Chakra bracelet
Agate protects //  Chakra bracelet (white agate), Chakra bracelet (grey agate).
Carnelian boosts energy // Energy bracelet & Maxi Energy bracelet
Amethyst increases creativity // Maxi Creativity bracelet & Creativity bracelet
Tourmaline also increases happiness // Chakra bracelet (mixed tourmaline). 

You can find the Calm bracelet and the others mentioned on the Now Seen website. My bracelet cost £22 but prices start from £11. 


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  1. This is such a pretty bracelet, I hope it brings a calming influence to your life! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

    1. Thanks Michelle, so far so good let's hope it holds up for the rest of the summer holidays haha. x


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